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Platinum Partnerships

Your most exclusive opportunity with Tony & Sage Robbins

An exclusive opportunity to learn, travel, and network with Tony Robbins alongside an elite group operating at the highest level.


The world is our playground, and love is our legacy

A partnership with immeasurable impact

"I always have extremely high expectations for Tony's events and somehow, he always delivers far beyond. The Platinum Partnership has been no different. The payback from the association with Tony and the incredible group of Partners is beyond measure."

Brad AdamsBusiness Owner

“Since joining the Platinum (Lions) Program, my company has seen a 300% gain in revenue and 1000% gain in profitability, thanks to Tony and his staff of coaches. The results speaks for themselves."

Bill FontiBusiness Owner

“Meeting my fellow Platinum Partners was everything I expected, maximum passion, ultimate energy, and consummate friendship. I could not wish for a better experience. I am honored to be among these beautiful people.”

Annie RumseyInvestor

"Almost overnight I’ve added many new friends, people that I love and respect so much that they now live in the special best friends room of my heart. From business strategies to personal insights, to helping with housing for my daughter, I know I can count on my Platinum Partners for solutions."

Doug JohnsAttorney

"Each year as I renew my Plat membership, I'm reminded of how blessed I was to join this group and set a higher standard — to be the best possible version of myself. I keep coming back to stay on that course, and that commitment is rewarded with even more blessings."

Praveen KennethAdvertising & Media Entrepreneur

"Platinum Partnership is a group of blessed, dynamic, beautiful individuals who come together for this unique group. You won't find this anywhere else. I've searched my entire life for a peer group like this."

Aaron BrauchBusiness Consultant

The power of Platinum

  • Immersive travel

    Embark on once-in-a-lifetime international trips where you’ll explore, learn, and grow with an elite group.

  • Platinum level tickets

    Receive priority entrance, seating, and lounge access, plus guest access to Unleash the Power Within.

  • One-on-one coaching

    Get personalized, one-on-one Platinum coaching to gain momentum and stay accountable.

  • Next-level networking

    Expand your network while building strong connections with leaders as growth-oriented as you.

  • Tony’s complete collection

    Master every area of your life with the full Breakthrough Collection, over 100 hours of Tony Robbins content.

  • Built-in charitable giving

    Your annual membership will include a charitable contribution to the Tony Robbins Foundation.

Extraordinary Platinum Speakers

Meet some of the speakers Tony & Sage invite to join you on this unforgettable journey


Your exclusive invite to the ultimate peer group

Unlike our traditional events, the Platinum family has unique access to Tony Robbins in the most exclusive and intimate settings. This also brings together a caliber of community that is unmatched — allowing you to do more, be more and have more in your life.

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A trip is predicable, a journey is not

Immerse yourself in personalized experiences hand-selected and planned down to the finest of details, opportunities few will ever experience in their lifetime. Enjoy a blend of absolute luxury amidst the rawness of our world's most ancient and cherished destinations, all while learning from world leaders, industry experts, and the brightest minds of our day.

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Create the stories you’ll tell for a lifetime

From the people you meet to the places you’ll explore, this an experience that will change you forever.

Apply for Tony’s most elite group

Step into a world and community unlike any other.

Profit and play with the very best

This incredible opportunity is for the few committed to living life at a level most can’t imagine, much less attain. Learn from and experience the very best Tony and his team have to offer — and see your world change as a result.

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Embark on the journey of a lifetime

Date With Destiny

How to find your purpose

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