Senior Leadership Program

Become a Senior Leader

Lead the way to change

You've experienced Tony's events, mastered the principles, and created change in your own life. Now it's your turn to experience the reward of paying it forward.

Give back and continue to grow

Senior Leaders are those who want to learn and refine their skills for creating transformation. While many Senior Leaders aspire to be a Tony Robbins Trainer, others just want to serve and work to create lasting change in any area of their lives.

Expand and share your knowledge

Under the supervision and mentoring of a Tony Robbins Trainer, each Senior Leader will receive hands-on experience to further develop their leadership, group management and presentation skills. Through this hands-on experience, you will hone and master the application of Tony's proprietary techniques (like Human Needs Psychology and the 7 Master Steps to Change) to create positive change in others. A highly valued skill at live events, and in all areas of life.

Become one of a qualified few

For people who desire to continue, we will consider the most exceptional and experienced Senior Leaders for a Tony Robbins Trainer role. An elite team of only about 100 qualified individuals world-wide, Trainers are invited to additional dedicated training days each year. They are the masters of Tony's craft and instrumental in ensuring a successful and life-changing experience for the tens of thousands of people who travel to see Tony each year.

Do you have what it takes?

Applicants must:

Be an Unleash The Power Within graduate

You must have experienced Unleash the Power Within.

Be a Mastery University graduate

You must have completed Date With Destiny, Life Mastery and Wealth Mastery.

Be a Leadership Mastery graduate

You must have completed Leadership Academy, Date With Destiny Leadership, and either Life or Wealth Mastery Leadership.

Have Crewed at least one event, preferably a UPW

Usually, people Crew several events before they become a Senior Leader. Crewing early in your Leadership journey helps deepen your experience in the environment, and allows our Trainers to get to know you. Please see Tony Robbins Crew for information about the crew program.

OK, I am qualified. How do I apply?

Step 1:

If you qualify, send us an email with the subject line “Senior Leadership Application Request”. You will receive a reply with the application and instructions.

Send Email
Step 2:

The Senior Leadership Committee will review your application within 2-4 months. During this period, we encourage you to Crew as many events as possible so we can see your skills in action.

Step 3:

If your application is approved, you’ll be invited to an Unleash the Power Within event as a conditional Senior Leader and evaluated by a Tony Robbins Trainer.

Step 4:

Then, if you pass the evaluation, you’ll be invited to join our Senior Leadership team and help make life extraordinary for yourself and others.

Are you ready to help change lives?

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