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How emotional triad psychology can change your life

Posted by: Team Tony

“Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.” – Tony Robbins

What is it like to operate at your peak state? It’s exhilarating. It’s life-changing. And for most people on the planet, it’s rare – but it doesn’t have to be.

How can you elevate your life to this level?

Achieving your peak state requires letting go of the past, mastering your emotions and adopting a mindset of excellence. When you operate at peak state, you refuse to live a life of compromise or mediocrity. You operate at a higher level – and inspire others to do the same.

Our emotions are the foundation that peak state is built upon. They have the ability to control everything in our lives – our mood, our decisions and our actions. If you want to start making positive progress, you need to get into a positive state.

Achieving a positive mindset comes down to understanding Tony Robbins’ triad of emotional psychology. This involves mastering the three forces that control your emotions – your physiology, your language and your focus.

peak state triangle image with labels called emotional triad

1. Physiology

The first component of the Tony Robbins triad is your physiology. Physiology refers to your body and all its systems, and by extension, elements that directly impact those systems. Physiology dictates our feelings: How you use your body affects how you feel mentally and emotionally. If you want to master your feelings, you must be aware of how your feelings and your body are interconnected: If you stand up straight, you’ll feel more proud and alert. If you slump over and neglect your body, you’re more likely to feel negatively. The next time you find yourself in a bad mood, stand up and breathe deeply. You have the power to reset your mind and mood.

Anthony Robbins’ physiology concept also includes taking care of yourself. You know intuitively that you feel your best when you get enough sleep and nourish your body with quality food and nutrients. Even though it can be tempting to skimp on these basic things, don’t take that shortcut. Give yourself enough sleep to keep your mind clean and clear, and take the time to eat foods that make you feel full, nurtured and healthy.

2. Focus

Tony tells us, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” The second component of the Tony Robbins triad says that what you put your focus on is where you set your intention. Focus on the things you want and are working toward, instead of the things holding you back. Setting your focus on the positives is one of the most essential steps toward achieving your peak state.

If you feel your focus wavering or needing a little refreshment, consider clearing your mind. Exercise can help you release stress and center your focus. If you don’t have time to hit the gym or go for a run, consider doing a short meditation to refresh your focus. For Tony Robbins, peak state begins with a priming exercise each morning. You can also meditate anywhere, even at your desk at work. In addition to the obvious health benefits, you’ll find it easier to direct your focus.

peak state woman in tree pose near ocean

3. Language

The third component of the Tony Robbins triad is language. You speak to yourself internally and out loud. How you talk to yourself determines how you operate in the world. If you ask questions like “Why do bad things always happen to me?” instead of “What can I do to better my situation?” you are more likely to feel powerless in your own life. How you use language determines what emotions you feel, so choose wise words when you speak to yourself.

In order to keep yourself thinking positively and focused on the future and possibilities, keep track of your positive and negative words. Every time you find yourself saying a word that takes your focus in a negative direction, replace that word with a new, positive one. If you’re struggling to catch your own negative words, enlist the help of friends, family and even coworkers. Once you begin to alter your spoken word patterns and funnel them to a more positive frame, you’ll more easily be able to alter your internal speech to yourself. By changing your language, you can change your focus and reach your peak state.

Putting the Tony Robbins triad into action

“Action is the most important key to any success.” – Tony Robbins

Once you understand the three forces of emotional triad psychology, you’ll be able to control your emotions and choose to spend more time in a positive, empowering mindset and make empowering, successful decisions. 

Improve your relationships

The ability to control your emotions is essential to taking your relationship to its peak state. When you’re in charge of your mindset, you don’t let small arguments become huge issues. You learn how to turn negative emotions into opportunities to improve your relationship, and how to communicate with love and understanding. When you operate at your peak state, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

Be more productive

Are you dabbling your way through life, without really making a plan and directing your focus? Most people make excuses: they don’t have enough time or they’re just too tired. But when you’re in peak state, you’re able to manage your time and be more productive. You start your morning strong, setting intentions for the day. And you follow through, because you’re able to focus on what matters.

Achieve your career goals

If you want to get ahead in your job, start your own business or earn that raise, you must operate in peak state every day. Change your physiology to feel confident during presentations. Set your focus on your career goals and direct all of your energy to achieving them. Change your language to support yourself, not hold yourself back. You may be surprised by how much peak state can change your life.

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