A La Carte Business Results Training Terms and Conditions



1. Definition of Services

  1. Business Results Training Plan (the “Business Results Plan”). For a period of 6 months Robbins Research international, Inc. (“RRI”) will provide 18 trainings as follows: During the first two months, you will have one 90 minute training per month and thereafter, once per month over the next four months, 60 minute trainings on a web-based platform, each training comprising a different subject matter for a total of six web-based training trainings. You may have up to 50 of your business colleagues attend each of these six web-based platform trainings. The other twelves trainings shall be one-on-one telephone based training trainings two times per month for six months with you which shall last approximately 30 minutes each. As part of your Business Results Plan, you also will receive access to RRI’s digital audio program Mastering Influence. Your term shall commence upon your online execution of the Business Results Plan.
  2. Tuition Information. i). The tuition payable to Robbins Research International, Inc. shall be $6,995 USD. Tuition includes all 18 trainings for the Business Results Plan as well as any applicable course materials and the Mastering Influence digital audio program. The tuition is payable at the time you sign up online for the Business Results Plan; or ii) you can choose a four payment option, a minimum deposit of $1,895 is due at the time of enrollment. Each month thereafter for the next three months, your card will be charged $1,895 per month until your balance is paid in full.
  3. In Person Training Upgrade Option. You may choose to have any or all of the six web-based trainings to be conducted in-person by an RRI trainer. Such in-person training shall be converted to a 1⁄2 day workshop, and can include up to 50 of your business team members. You shall be responsible for providing a space to conduct the training, any audio-video equipment needed for the training (NOTE: The in person training cannot be recorded by you), as well as coach class airfare, hotel accommodations and per diems for up to two nights for the RRI trainer. The additional fee for each In-Person training as provided in this paragraph shall be $5,000 USD per training and shall be due upon commitment to each In-Person training. For each additional block of up to 50 business team members, an additional $2,000 charge will apply. For each additional block of up to 50, there will also be one additional RRI trainer, which you will be responsible for coach class airfare, hotel accommodations and per diems for up to two nights for each additional RRI trainer. For example, if you request 110 total business persons at an In-Person Training, then there will be the standard $5,000 charge and an additional $4,000 charge for the 60 additional business persons, as well as three total RRI trainers. RRI requires a minimum of two-weeks notice if you wish to have more than 50 business persons attend the In-Person training.

2. Nature of the Relationship

  1. RRI and its training team offers educational services. These trainings are for planning, education and development. RRI represents, and by making this purchase, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that these trainings are not psychological counseling or counseling of any nature, financial advising, estate planning, business consultation nor any other type of consultation, counseling or therapy trainings.
  2. In addition, by making this purchase, you acknowledge that the RRI training team are not financial advisors nor are they brokers/dealers. No content provided by either the training or the training course materials is intended as financial advice and RRI does not recommend any particular investment, or course of action about your particular trade or business.
  3. From time to time all Business Results Plan trainings may be monitored or recorded as part of our ongoing quality process and training for the training team.

3. Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation. In the event that you decide to cancel the all or part of the trainings of the Business Results Plan given pursuant to this Agreement, you must provide written notice to the assigned training member, stating the reasons that you have decided to cancel. In the event you decide to cancel any of the Business Results Plan trainings given pursuant to this Agreement, because RRI’s actual damages would be difficult to calculate, you agree to pay to RRI $995.00 as liquidated damages and not as a penalty if you cancel your Business Results Plan prior to completing this Agreement, or if RRI cancels this Agreement pursuant to Section 3.D., herein. These liquidated damages will be due at the time of cancellation and may be deducted from payments already made. These liquidated damages are non-transferable. In the event you decide to cancel all or part of this Agreement, RRI shall retain the retail value of all tuition of the Business Results Plan trainings completed, in an amount as determined in the sole discretion of RRI, and will calculate any refund due, if any, based on the Business Results Plan trainings used and the amount of the liquidated damages.
  2. 72-Hour Cancellation. You may cancel this Agreement without any obligation by submitting to RRI a signed and dated written notice postmarked prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this purchase. Your notice must be mailed or delivered to: Attn: Business Results Training, Robbins Research International, Inc., 9051 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Box #261229, San Diego, CA, 92196. Faxed notices are not acceptable.
  3. Assigned Training Personnel. When purchasing this program, you are not purchasing the services of an individual training personnel. The assigned trainer may not be available to conduct any one or all trainings in which case another trainer will be assigned. You are not entitled to a refund if the originally assigned trainer is not available for any of your Business Results Plan trainings.
  4. Account Activity. From the date of this purchase and from the time you are provided the initial business questionnaire and other client enrollment forms to RRI, you have 72 hours to complete and submit any client enrollment form as required by RRI. Upon RRI’s receipt of these completed client enrollment forms, you have 5 days to schedule the initial web-based Business Results Plan training. If you fail to complete their client enrollment form and/or schedule the first Business Results Plan training within these described timelines, or if you fail to attend any Business Results Plan trainings for at least 30 consecutive days, RRI shall have the right to cancel this Agreement.
  5. Expiration Date. You have a 30-day grace period at the end of this Agreement to complete all trainings outlined in this Agreement.

4.   Missed and Rescheduled Trainings

  1. You will contact your trainer at agreed upon times for the Business Results Plan trainings by logging on to the designated web-based platform and/or calling a number, which will be provided to you, and you will be responsible for the internet and/or telephone charges.
  2. If you miss any of the regularly scheduled Business Results Plan trainings for any reason, without giving 24 hours notice, the call or trainings will be considered a completed training and will not be replaced or rescheduled.
  3. If you are late in attending any Business Results Plan trainings, the Business Results Plan training will end at its regularly scheduled time, irrespective of the length of the training, and will be considered a completed Business Results Plan training.

5. General Provisions

  1. Warranties. You acknowledge that you are not relying upon any warranties, promises, guarantees or representations made by RRI or anyone acting or claiming to act on behalf of RRI unless it is in writing and made a part of this Agreement. All advertising material and all prior representations or agreements, if any, whether oral or written, are hereby superseded by this Agreement. This Agreement contains the entire understanding and agreement between you and RRI and no addition or modification of any terms shall be effective unless set forth in writing and signed by you and RRI. No sales representative of RRI has the authority to modify the terms of this Agreement. You further acknowledge that RRI is not guaranteeing any results or any increase in profits based on your attendance or completion of any of the Business Results Plan trainings, and that all business decisions related to your business are made solely by you and any information provided by RRI is for educational purposes only.
  2. Acceptance. By making this purchase, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions herein.
  3. Subject to Change. Dates and times of trainings will be determined by RRI team member availability. Any description of the nature of the trainings are also subject to change by RRI in its sole discretion.
  4. Assignment. This Agreement may not be assigned to another individual or entity.
  5. No Partnership or Joint Venture. You agree that you and RRI are independent contracting entities and that no partnership, joint venture or any similar entity is created or intended between RRI and you.
  6. Use of Name. You agree that you will not use or refer to Anthony Robbins’ name, likeness, words, marks or other property, or any proprietary rights or material of Anthony Robbins, RRI or any affiliate of Anthony Robbins or RRI in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission from RRI, which approval may be withheld or conditioned at the sole discretion of RRI. You further agree that participation in the Business Results Plan trainings does not grant any authority i) to use the RRI name or its logos, ii) to use the Business Results Plan materials in seminars or any public or commercial capacity (other than to apply such materials to your own business), or in any other manner other than for my own personal or business use iii) to sell
    RRI products or materials, iv) to copy or reproduce any of the materials shown to you or provided to you before or during the Business Results Plan trainings, v) to transcribe or record, by audio, video or other means any of the web-based, in-person, or telephonic training trainings or vi) to in any way represent RRI or Anthony Robbins without the prior written consent of RRI. Violation of any of these requirements will result in an immediate action to protect proprietary materials.

6. Payment Method

You authorize RRI to accept payment as directed by you and authorizes RRI to charge your credit card on file, if any, for any and all amounts due pursuant to this Agreement.

IMPORTANT: Wire Transfer Routing Instructions
Make payable to: Robbins Research International, Inc.
City National Bank, 4275 Executive Square, Suite 750, La Jolla, CA 92037 USA ABA# 122016066 Account #027-376-738 SWIFT #CINAUS6L

7. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless RRI, and affiliated companies, their officers, directors and employees from any and all claims, demands, suits, expenses, costs, judgments or other charges incurred by you and/or your business as a result of the choice to participate in these Business Results Plan trainings as outlined by this Agreement. You will not hold RRI or its training personnel or other employees responsible for any negligent actions or adverse results, whether known or unknown, that you and/or your business may incur or suffer as a result of the Business Results Plan trainings received pursuant to this Agreement.

8. Disputes

Any controversy between you and RRI arising out of, in connection with or related to this Agreement shall be submitted to final, binding and conclusive arbitration. The arbitration shall be administered by JAMS pursuant to the JAMS Arbitration Rules and Procedures then in effect. Any arbitration shall be held in San Diego, California and the laws of California shall govern this Agreement.