Mastery University Terms and Conditions



1. Tuition Information

You agree to pay Robbins Research International, Inc. (“RRI”), the tuition amount as you selected for the event and program selected. Tuition includes the session(s) and applicable course materials. For live, in-person events, transportation, lodging and food costs are not included.

2. Contract Terms

From the date of your purchase you have twenty-four (24) months to complete your events (“Contract Term”). If you do not complete them within that timeline, RRI will terminate your contract and you will forfeit all tuition paid to RRI.

3. Transfer Fees

  1. Transfer of Live, In-Person Events: Subject to applicable transfer fees, you may transfer one time for each session prior to the start of your chosen session into the next available date for the same session. You must do so by notifying us in writing. Because these programs will sell out well in advance, enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. If you choose to transfer, you relinquish your priority standing in the programs for which you enrolled. For Live, in-person events, if you transfer within 90 days of your scheduled session the following fee(s) will be due at the time of transfer in addition to your tuition, and will be deducted from tuition you have paid for other sessions if you do not pay the transfer fee(s).
    • Life & Wealth Mastery – FIJI
      • 61-90 Days: $500
      • 31-60 Days: $750
      • Less than 30 days: $1,250
    • All other MASTERY Locations
      • 61-90 Days: $0
      • 31-60 Days: $250
      • Less than 30 days: $500
  2. Transfer of Digital Virtual Events: If you are unable to attend the virtual Mastery University event for which you enrolled for any reason, Call the RRI Customer Service Department prior to the beginning of the virtual Mastery University event to transfer your enrollment. If you choose to transfer, you relinquish your priority standing in the programs for which you enrolled. For digital virtual events, if you transfer within 30 days of your scheduled session the following fee(s) will be due at the time of transfer in addition to your tuition, and will be deducted from tuition you have paid for other sessions if you do not pay the transfer fee(s).All MASTERY Events
    • 31+ Days: $0
    • 8-30 Days: $150
    • Less than 8 days: $250
    Previously transferred and complimentary tickets are not eligible. If after you transfer, and you are unable to attend the virtual chosen Mastery University event, contact your Personal Sales Representative at least seven days prior to the beginning of the chosen virtual Mastery University event. We will move your enrollment to a non-refundable Mastery University event Voucher which must be used within one year from the chosen virtual Mastery University event date or the Contract Term, whichever is later, and the above transfer fees shall still apply. At that point, you will not be eligible for the Satisfaction Guarantee as provided in Section 7 herein.  Some restrictions apply.

4.   Payment

  1. Full Payment/Conversion: If your Full Payment is received by RRI within 30 days from the date of your purchase, then any Paid in Full bonuses will be applied to your account. If anytime after 30 days, you have not made the full payment, RRI shall in its sole discretion, convert you to the Momentum Plan as described in Paragraph 4(C), herein.
  2. Finance Plan: RRI may offer a third party financing plan. If offered by RRI and if approved, a minimum deposit of $1,995 is due at time of enrollment. You will then have minimum payments of the amount that was financed due monthly; subject to additional amounts due as described in paragraph 4(D), below.
  3. Momentum Plan: A minimum deposit of $1,995 is due at time of enrollment. Each month thereafter for 18 months, your card will be charged $484 per month for 18 months until your balance is paid in full, subject to the Minimum Tuition requirements as provided in Paragraph 4.D., herein.
  4. Minimum Tuition: Unless otherwise waived based on your credit approval rating, as determined solely by RRI, if enrolled in MASTERY UNIVERSITY, your monthly payments plus your initial deposit must total the tuition for the applicable session 60 calendar days in advance of each session as follows: LIFE MASTERY: 32% of your total Mastery University tuition; DATE WITH DESTINY: 42% of your total Mastery University tuition; WEALTH MASTERY: 26% of your total Mastery University tuition. For the Finance Plan, if offered by RRI, at least$11,495 of your tuition (inclusive of interest payments) must be paid prior to attending your final session. For specific payment amounts and due dates, please contact your Personal Results Specialist at our office.
  5. Diamond Upgrade: Requires the following payment schedule in addition to your MASTERY UNIVERSITY Payment Plan: DATE WITH DESTINY $2,000. Diamond Upgrade is nonrefundable/nontransferable. (United States Events Only. May be offered for both live, in-person events and digital, virtual events).

5.   Default, Cancellation, Termination, and Damages Fee

  1. Default: If you do not pay your tuition by the agreed-upon payment terms, then you will be considered in default of this Agreement. You will forfeit your enrollment. RRI will have the right, to terminate this contract, and upon such termination, you will be subject to the Damages Fee set forth in item 5(D), below.
  2. 72-Hour Cancellation: You may cancel this transaction without penalty or obligation by submitting to Robbins Research International, Inc., a signed and dated written notice postmarked prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this Agreement. Your notice must be mailed or delivered to Attn: MASTERY UNIVERSITY Robbins Research International, Inc., 9051 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Box #261229
    San Diego, CA 92196. Faxed notices are not acceptable. Note: Refunds will take approximately 4-6 weeks to post to your account.
  3. Termination: You may terminate your enrollment in MASTERY UNIVERSITY by contacting RRI in writing. If you terminate your enrollment after having attended or participated in any session(s), your tuition refund will be reduced for the individual session(s) of MASTERY UNIVERSITY in which you have attended or participated as follows: If you Paid in Full at time of enrollment or within 30 days of enrollment: LIFE MASTERY 27.5% of the total tuition amount, DATE WITH DESTINY 50% of the total tuition amount, WEALTH MASTERY 22.5% of the total tuition amount. If you were on the Momentum Plan: LIFE MASTERY: 32 % of the total tuition amount; DATE WITH DESTINY: 42% of the total tuition amount; WEALTH MASTERY: 26% of the total tuition amount. Additionally, you will be charged a non-refundable, non-returnable Damages Fee, set forth in 5(D) below.
  4. Damages Fee: Because it would be extremely difficult and impractical to assess actual damages suffered by us in the event you default or terminate your Agreement you agree to be charged $1,995. This is a nonrefundable, nonreturnable Damages Fee.
  5. No-Show Fee: If you do not attend any of your confirmed sessions of MASTERY UNIVERSITY (whether virtual or live, in-person event) without express written consent from RRI, you will forfeit tuition minimums for that session(s) enrolled, and that session will have been considered held.
  6. Bundle Cancellation: If you purchase BUSINESS MASTERY in conjunction with MASTERY UNIVERSITY and receive the special RRI bundle package pricing, then in the event of any subsequent cancellation of either BUSINESS MASTERY or MASTERY UNIVERSITY (including without limitation, cancellation for nonpayment or for exercising RRI’s Satisfaction Guarantee as stated in paragraph 7 below), the remaining non-canceled agreement shall revert to the full price, as reflected at the time of your purchase of the BUSINESS MASTERY or MASTERY UNIVERSITY agreement that has not been canceled.
  7. Discount Verification: Any discount from any of the Plans offered for Mastery University are subject to verification of eligibility of the discount by RRI. If after entering into the Agreement, RRI determines that you do not meet the eligibility qualifications for the discount offered, your Plan will revert to the full price of that Plan as stated at the time of your purchase.
  8. If you have selected the Finance Plan and you subsequently cancel this Agreement for any reason (including without limitation, exercising RRI’s Satisfaction Guarantee as stated in paragraph 7 below), in addition to any other Damages Fees as described herein, you agree that all payments of interest made by you to the third-party financing company, shall not be credited to you by RRI in calculating a refund due (if any) because of such cancellation. The Damages Fee as provided in section 5.D., herein, shall continue to apply in determining whether any refund is due to you.

6.   General Provisions

  1. Warranties: You acknowledge that you are not relying on any warranties, promises, guarantees or representations made by RRI or anyone acting or claiming to act on behalf of RRI unless they are in writing and made part of this Agreement. All advertising material and all prior representations or agreements, if any whether oral or written, are hereby superseded by this Agreement. This Agreement contains the entire understanding and agreement between you and RRI, and no addition or modification of any terms shall be effective unless set forth in writing and signed by you and RRI. No salesperson or any other agents of RRI has the authority to modify the terms of this Agreement.
  2. Reinstatement: If you default or cancel and you wish to reinstate your enrollment for any session, there will be a $750 reinstatement fee added to your tuition, which is due at time of reinstatement. Reinstatement is subject to space availability, and RRI’s discretion.
  3. Special Tax: For Mastery events attended in locations that charge VAT, GST or other applicable tax, such taxes may be charged to the participant in accordance with local government tax regulations.
  4. Terms and Conditions: Your approval and execution of the MASTERY UNIVERSITY TERMS AND CONDITIONS (incorporated herein by reference), which is available in advance of the session upon request, will be required prior to admission to any MASTERY UNIVERSITY session. Failure to sign the MASTERY UNIVERSITY TERMS AND CONDITIONS will be deemed a termination of this Agreement, and you will be subject to Item 5(C) above. You will not be admitted to the applicable session until all course registration and questionnaire forms are returned to us.
  5. Subject to Change: Dates, times, locations, and structure of events are subject to change, including without limitation if any events are being offered live in person or via a remote digital format.
  6. Private Event: RRI reserves the right to send a participant home (or remove any participant from any virtual event environment) for any reason it deems appropriate. In such cases, there will be no refund for meals, transportation, lodging, or unused food plans, if applicable. Tuition credits and refunds for the event will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Assignment: This Agreement may not be assigned to another individual or entity without the express written approval of RRI.
  8. LIFE MASTERY Specific Terms: All of the following must be accounted for sixty (60) days before you participate in LIFE MASTERY: current with all payments, all questionnaires completed after received by RRI, all travel booked, and hotel confirmed (for Live, In-Person Life Mastery events). All participants must stay at host hotel for LIFE MASTERY.
  9. Mastermind Series Coaching: Go to to activate your Mastermind Series Coaching. Your three months (six sessions) of Group Coaching (Mastermind Series Coaching) must be activated within 90 days of this agreement and completed within 90 days of activation. The Coaching received with MASTERY UNIVERSITY is nontransferable.
  10. Translation Costs: Translation costs shall not be included in your tuition to MASTERY UNIVERSITY. Cost of translation, at an amount solely in the discretion of RRI, shall be at an additional cost and shall be added to your MASTERY UNIVERSITY tuition. It is within the sole discretion of RRI whether translation in any languages shall be offered for any specific Mastery University event.
  11. Transaction Fees/Exchange Rate: You may be charged foreign or other transaction fees by your bank in connection with this purchase, and you agree that you will be responsible for any such charges. RRI is not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations.
  12. Wire Transfer
      • IMPORTANT: Wire Transfer Routing Instructions
        • Make payable to: Robbins Research International, Inc.
        • City National Bank, 4275 Executive Square, Suite 750, La Jolla, CA 92037 USA ABA# 122016066 Account #027-376-738 SWIFT #CINAUS6L

7. Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. In the unlikely event that after having participated in the first half of LIFE MASTERY, DATE WITH DESTINY, or WEALTH MASTERY, you decide that particular session is not right for you, simply notify a designated RRI official in writing at the program and turn in your notebook, name badge, and course materials–we will fully refund you for that session of MASTERY UNIVERSITY. This must be done at the half way point of the event. There will be no reimbursement for any unused portion of a paid food plan or for transportation/accommodation costs or for any other costs you may have incurred. Tuition refunds are based on the program allocations that RRI establishes for each session of MASTERY UNIVERSITY.
  2. For any virtual LIFE MASTERY, DATE WITH DESTINY, or WEALTH MASTERY event, if you decide the particular session is not right for you, any customers seeking a refund will need to click on a link you will be provided at the specific virtual Mastery University session for RRI Customer Service, and complete the necessary form online after attending the first half of the specific Virtual Mastery University Event. REFUNDS ARE AUTHORIZED AT THIS TIME ONLY. To be eligible for a refund, Customer must have attended the virtual Mastery University event for the first half of the event and request your refund through this Customer Service link and complete the required form online. Once you apply for the Satisfaction Guarantee at this time, you will no longer have any access to the virtual Mastery University event, and you agree to delete at that time any materials provided to you, including without limitation the online LIFE MASTERY, DATE WITH DESTINY, or WEALTH MASTERY workbook.
  3. For any Satisfaction Guarantee as provide in this Section 7, at Customer’s option, we will apply Customer tuition to another event, or send Customer a full refund within 4-6 weeks based on the original method of payment. A refund under this Satisfaction Guarantee section is only available if the event attended falls within the allowed Contract Term or transfer period described in Section 2 above.