Platinum Partnership Program Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of the Robbins Research International, Inc.
Platinum Partnership Program Enrollment Agreement

    1. Participation Fee: The total Program Participation Fee for the Platinum Partnership Program for the first year is $85,000, of which the Platinum Partner agrees that RRI shall allocate an amount in RRI’s sole discretion to the Tony Robbins Foundation (“TRF”). A $15,000 deposit must accompany this contract to become an active Platinum Partner subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The remaining $70,000 is due as follows: $6,000 per month for months 1-10 of the membership and $5,000 per month for months 11-12 of the membership. After one half of the Participation Fee has been paid, the allocated amount of the donation will be forwarded to the Tony Robbins Foundation. At the end of the donation year, the Tony Robbins Foundation will provide Platinum Partner with a charitable deduction receipt. If, after notification to Platinum Partner of acceptance to the Platinum Partnership Program, Platinum Partner fails to fulfill their financial commitment under the terms of this Agreement, then Platinum Partner shall be withdrawn from the program. RRI, at its sole discretion, may assess the value of services rendered and product received and the administrative fees incurred by RRI to determine whether any refund is due. Payment terms are available as described herein.
      • IMPORTANT: Wire Transfer Routing Instructions
        • Make payable to: Robbins Research International
          City National Bank, 4275 Executive Square, Suite 750, La Jolla, CA 92037 USA f ABA # 122016066 Account # 027-376-738 For International Wires, SwiftCode: CINAUS6L Memo: Platinum Partnership Payment
    2. Products or Other Benefits Included: As a first-year Platinum Partner, you will receive one complimentary copy of all of RRI’s personal development multi-media programs currently available for retail distribution during the term of this Agreement (The Platinum Product Package). For all subsequent years of your Platinum Partner membership, you shall receive two (2) complimentary Diamond Premiere level tickets for your guests to any one Unleash the Power Within (“UPW”) event that occurs during your Platinum Partnership Membership, whether offered live, in person (hereinafter a “Live” event) or virtually through a digital format (hereinafter a “Virtual” event). These UPW tickets can only be redeemed for a UPW event that is attended by the Platinum Partner whether it is a Live event or a Virtual event; provided however that if the Platinum Partner chooses to redeem these complimentary UPW tickets for a UPW event that is not attended by the Platinum Partner, then the two (2) complimentary tickets will revert to General Admission seating or access.
    3. RRI Regularly Scheduled Live and Virtual Events Included: Admission fees to the following RRI Live or Virtual events during the terms of the Program shall be waived for the Platinum Partner named in this Agreement: Mastery University events (Life Mastery, Wealth Mastery and Date with Destiny), Leadership Mastery Events (Leadership Academy, Wealth Mastery Leadership and Date with Destiny Leadership), and Unleash the Power Within. Platinum Partner may bring one guest to each Live or Virtual Unleash the Power Within event. Tickets for all other Live or Virtual Events—Date With Destiny, and Life Mastery/Wealth Mastery—may be purchased for guests at 25% off regular price. Please refer to the rules following:
      1. Each Platinum Partner may bring one guest with them to UPW when they themselves attend—for Live events, this guest can sit in the Platinum Section of the Main Room.
      2. If a Platinum Partner chooses to gift their guest UPW ticket to a friend/spouse/other, but not attend Live event or Virtual event with their guest, then the guest must sit in the General Admission section of Live events or get General Admission access for the Virtual events.
      3. Platinum Partner admissions to any RRI Live event or Virtual event are non-transferable.
      4. RRI has the right in its sole discretion to convert a previously schedule Live event into a Virtual event.
    4. Travel Costs/Internet Costs Not Included: For all Live events, travel expenses, meals and accommodation expenses with regard to any other events, trips or seminars which include, without limitation, Date With Destiny, Leadership Academy and Life Mastery/Wealth Mastery are the responsibility of the Platinum Partner. For all Virtual events, all internet and any other comparable access costs are the responsibility of the Platinum Partner.
    5. Platinum Partner Events: Platinum Partner will be given the opportunity to participate in various trips, events and seminars as the same shall be announced from time to time. Platinum Partner will be given notification of said trip, event or seminar and participation shall be at Platinum Partner’s election. RRI shall schedule all such Platinum Partner trips as Live events, whenever possible, but RRI retains the right for these Platinum Partner trips to be offered in a virtual format as well. Additional fees and charges associated with up to three consecutive exclusive Live or Virtual event Platinum trips are NOT included in the Participation Fee. If Platinum Partner chooses not to participate in any live or virtual event, seminar or trip that is offered during the term of this Agreement, the parties agree that RRI is not obligated to provide that opportunity again in the future; nor is RRI obligated to provide any reimbursement of the Participation Fee.
    6. Platinum Coaching Terms: Robbins Research International, Inc. (RRI), and its Coaches offer educational services. These sessions are coaching sessions for your planning, education and motivation. RRI represents, and by entering into this Agreement you acknowledge that you understand and agree, that these Coaching sessions are not psychological counseling, relationship counseling, financial coaching nor any other type of counseling or therapy sessions. If you feel you need professional counseling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek the help of a licensed professional. You will receive up to 18 hours of telephone coaching time (up to 36 30-minute coaching sessions, or up to 24 45-minute sessions, or up to 18 1-hour sessions, or a combination of the above as determined between you and your Coach). (Your Coaching program will cease at the conclusion of your Platinum membership, or at the conclusion of 18 hours of telephone Coaching Session time, whichever comes first). Platinum Partners who are re-enrolling into the RRI Platinum Partnership will also receive a transferable Platinum Coaching Program, which the Platinum Partner may use for themselves or gift to a family member or co-worker at no additional cost (gifted Coaching Program must coincide with Platinum Membership term as stated on this Agreement.) To begin your coaching, you agree to be bound by any terms and conditions of the Platinum Coaching program as designated by RRI.
    7. Family Discounts: Immediate family members (defined as spouses, children and parents) of Platinum Partner will be entitled to receive a 25% discount on the “At the Door” price to any publicly offered RRI Live event or Virtual event Personal Development Programs, subject to space availability. This discount cannot be applied to Diamond Level seating/access. The discount is only available during the term of this Agreement.
    8. Cancellation: Platinum Partner may cancel this transaction without penalty or obligation by submitting to Robbins Research International, Inc., a signed and dated written notice postmarked prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this Agreement. Your notice must be mailed or delivered to: Robbins Research International, Inc., 9051 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Box #261229, San Diego, CA 92196. (Faxed notices are not acceptable.) Platinum Partner may also cancel this transaction without penalty or obligation by sending an email to prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this Agreement requesting a cancellation form. Cancellation after the third day shall result in the forfeiture to RRI/Tony Robbins Foundation of all funds paid.
      RRI may terminate this Agreement at any time during the term of the Agreement if, at RRI’s sole discretion, the Platinum Partner conducts him/herself in any way inconsistent with the standards or purposes of the Platinum Partnership Program. If RRI elects to terminate this Agreement, then RRI, at its sole discretion, may choose to refund a pro rata portion of the Participation Fee, less the value of product received.
    9. 2nd Year through 4th Year or Later Platinum: The Participation Fee for a 2nd year Platinum shall be $75,000 ($15,000 payment to activate the membership and $5,000 per months for months 1-12 of the membership) and for a 3rd year Platinum shall be $65,000 ($15,000 payment to activate the membership and $5,000 per month for months 1-10 of the membership), and each year such Participation Fee shall include a donation to the TRF in an amount in RRI’s sole discretion. The Participation Fee for someone who is at least a 4th Year Platinum (or at least a 4th Year Spouse/Family Member) also shall be $65,000, and shall not include any further donation to the TRF.
    10. Indemnification: Platinum Partner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Anthony Robbins, RRI and its affiliated companies, their officers, directors, employees and assigns from any and all claims, demands, suits, expenses, costs, attorneys’ fees, judgments or other charges incurred by Platinum Partner as a result of participation in any event (whether Live or Virtual), program, Coaching or other activity associated with this Agreement.
    11. Disputes: The parties agree to use their best efforts to resolve any and all disputes arising from this Agreement. Any unresolved disputes shall be settled by binding arbitration before one arbitrator, mutually agreed upon, in San Diego, California, pursuant to the Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association, each side to bear 1/2 the costs of arbitration. The laws of the State of California shall govern this Agreement.
    12. Ownership: You understand that all materials, concepts, streaming audios or videos, and information (collectively “Materials”) presented by Robbins Research International, Inc. (“RRI”) during this Program, either orally or in writing, or provided through one of the Virtual events, are the property of RRI and are protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other applicable laws. You acknowledge that the Materials constitute commercially valuable, proprietary, confidential property of RRI, the design and development of which required the investment of substantial effort, time, and money.
      All rights in the Program and the Materials are expressly reserved by RRI. You agree not to reproduce, copy, or otherwise duplicate, and not to distribute, lend, or otherwise transfer, the Materials without the prior written permission of RRI. You agree not to use the Materials in any way that would compromise the confidential and proprietary nature of the Materials.
      You understand that the Materials presented by RRI in this Program are intended solely for use in the Program. You understand that while you are free to use the Materials for your own personal use, and free to tell others about the benefits you realized from the Program, you agree not to record, download, resell, reproduce and sell, modify and sell, or repackage and sell the Materials. You agree that you will not use the Materials for any purpose other than your own personal use except with the prior written permission of RRI. You agree not to deliver the Materials themselves, either reproduced or modified, or anything derived from the Materials, either orally or in writing, as part of any seminar, training program, workshop, consulting, or similar business activity which you make available to your clients or to others, except with the prior written permission of RRI.
    13. No Solicitations: Platinum Partner understands that the Platinum Partnership Program is not to be used to solicit business from, or provide promotional items or information to, other Platinum Partner members, and you agree that you will not attempt to provide any such promotional materials at or during any RRI event or through any RRI administered website or webpage, including without limitation a Platinum Partner membership portal or Facebook group page.
    14. Nomenclature: The term “partner” or “partnership” as used herein is used in a generic, not a legal context and as such does not in any way create a partnership entity between the Platinum Partner and RRI or any of its affiliated companies.
    15. Warranties: You acknowledge that you are not relying upon any warranties, promises, guarantees or representations made by us or anyone acting or claiming to act on behalf of us unless it is in writing and made a part of this Agreement. All advertising material and all prior representations or agreements, if any, whether oral or written, are hereby superseded by this Agreement.
    16. Entire Agreement: This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other representations, promises or agreements, whether oral or written, shall be of any effect or validity. The parties may amend this Agreement in writing signed by both parties. This Agreement is not binding on RRI until it has been executed by an authorized designee of RRI.