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When the sky seems to be falling

Legal Disclosure: Tony Robbins is the Chief of Investor Psychology at Creative Planning, Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with wealth managers serving all 50 states. Mr. Robbins receives compensation for serving in this capacity based on increased business derived by Creative Planning from his services. Accordingly, Mr. Robbins has a financial incentive to refer investors to Creative Planning.

The recent headlines about global financial markets are enough to incite panic – or at least concern:

“Global financial markets slip as oil price plunges to new lows” – The Guardian

“U.S., world stock markets slide as panic in China spreads” – The Washington Post

Volatility the new watchword for financial markets” – South China Morning Post

“S&P 500 off to worst-ever start to year” – USA Today

China’s stocks fell 11.6% the first week of the New Year, renewed tensions in the Middle East are causing the price of oil to dive, and George Soros is reporting that the current challenge reminds him of the 2008 financial crisis; all in all, it’s easy to wonder what this is going to do to your portfolio.

However, financial security is not out of reach. In fact, with the right preparation and strategy you can thrive in any economic environment. In the articles below you will find:
•    The exact portfolio of the world’s largest hedge fund leader
•    An explanation of risk in both inflation and deflation
•    A simple and effective breakdown of how to allocate your assets
•    A look into the buy-and-hold strategy

Volatile markets do not have to determine your stress level, and with the right strategy they do not have to disrupt your future plans, either. Take the time to understand these tactics and take massive action. Your future self will thank you.

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