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June 30, 2017

Achieving unstoppable energy

Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey on how to fuel your body at a cellular level

Feeling lethargic and foggy throughout the day despite a good night’s sleep can damage your ability to perform at your best. It can also be incredibly frustrating – especially when you think you are doing everything right when it comes to your health.

Even if you exercise regularly, keep your stress levels low and get a good night’s sleep, you could still be exposing your body to environmental toxins that affect your body at a cellular level. These toxins deplete our energy and can even cause us to age more quickly. People respond differently to toxins depending on their chemistry and exposure level, but nearly everyone can help detox their body through their diet.

In this episode, we talk with Dave Asprey to discuss the dangers of toxins and other health topics, including how diet affects allergies and the environmental and genetic factors that are influencing the way you feel. We also discuss how you can begin to understand your body so that you can achieve lasting weight loss and take back control over your health.

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Who is Dave Asprey?

Dave is founder and CEO of Bulletproof, the world’s first human performance and nutrition company. He is also the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, host of the top-ranking health podcast Bulletproof Radio and author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Bulletproof Diet. He founded 40 Years of Zen, a $2.5 million brain training and cognitive performance facility.

Dave was personally able to hack his health to lose 100 pounds and lower his biological age, all while increasing his IQ and learning how to gain more energy with less sleep. Dave’s latest book, Head Strong, shows you how to biohack your way to a sharper, faster and more resilient brain.

The foundation of your health

Tony says that food is the fuel for your brain and your body, and Dave echoes this idea, saying, “Your body is a very high-performance machine, and when you learn to drive it right, you’ll feel when something is off.” He describes the most important “building blocks” of cells, including the all-important mitochondria, which provide the cell’s energy.

The most important building block may surprise you: As Dave says, “It’s all about fat.” Fat helps build cell membranes, but it must be the right kind of fat. He explains how the wrong fats can weaken your foundation, causing dysfunctional mitochondria that you’ll feel the impacts of in your brain and your heart – the two parts of the body that require the most energy.

The real reasons people fail at diets

While you can have all the knowledge in the world, without the right mindset you can still fail at dieting. We also discuss the two biggest obstacles people face: perfectionism and willpower. As Dave describes it, “Perfection is all about fear.” When you operate from this place of fear, you will fail, because perfection in dieting is not achievable.

And as Dave says, “The second reason people fail at dieting is that they believe dieting is about willpower.” But willpower is a finite resource, a part of your brain that can quickly be drained. Listen to the podcast to hear Dave explain why, “When you get your food and your environment dialed in, losing weight requires zero willpower.”

If you want more energy and vitality, it’s time to take a close look at your diet. Start achieving your peak state with Tony’s 10-Day Diet Challenge. You’ll learn how to incorporate more alkaline foods into your diet and smart strategies to lose weight naturally – which is the only way to lose weight for good.

Founder & CEO of Bulletproof Dave Asprey

Founder & CEO of Bulletproof Dave Asprey


[00:30] Ana introduces the episode
[02:00] The symptoms of a poor performing brain
[03:05] Your brain is the most power-hungry part of the body
[03:30] The impact toxins have on your body and your brain
[04:00] Toxins can damage your mitochondria
[04:30] The most dangerous toxins are the ones that damage your “battery”
[05:00] Mitotoxins and prescription drugs (antibiotics)
[05:20] Toxins in the soil, toxic mold
[06:20] Mercury poisoning
[06:30] Mitochondria and its link to chronic disease
[07:00] Each individual is more vulnerable to different toxins
[08:00] Noticing changes in your body due to toxins
[08:30] Some toxins are gradual and take longer to notice
[09:30] Heart rate increase as a reaction to toxins – the fight or flight mechanism
[10:15] Learning how to feel what is happening in your body
[11:00] How do you talk about allergies, toxins and sensitivities?
[12:00] Nightshades and their relation to Rheumatoid Arthritis
[13:00] One food that is empowering for an individual can cause inflammation in another
[13:45] Good fats, bad fats and the way they should be combined
[14:10] All cells in your body are made out of fat
[14:25] Fat is not just a fuel source, it’s a building block
[14:45] Creating dysfunctional mitochondria by eating poorly
[15:20] Neurons require a massive amount of energy
[15:45] Ketones are the backup power supply
[16:30] Caffeine alone call double ketone levels
[17:00] The problem with energy drinks
[17:15] What happens when your ketone levels are up
[18:10] The necessary components of a healthy diet
[18:30] 3 categories of food to eliminate from your diet
[18:40] Why grains are destructive
[20:05] Why you must add fats after cooking, not during
[20:15] Code for MSG
[21:35] The trouble with eating kale raw
[22:45] The problem with casein (milk protein)
[23:25] Polythenols
[24:50] What Dave realized in Tibet
[27:10] Intermittent fasting
[28:00] Find 18 hours a day where you are not eating
[29:20] Collagen
[29:30] Having protein during breakfast if you have weight to lose
[31:30] Customizing a plan that will work for yourself
[31:40] Why people fail at diets
[33:00] Discarding perfection as a goal is an act of compassion to yourself
[33:05] People believe diets are about will power
[36:10] Your cells listen to your environment, not to you
[36:50] The Bulletproof Business
[37:50] Turning his wisdom into a blog
[39:00] Hacking coffee
[41:10] Researching infertility
[43:00] “Why wasn’t I doing this sooner?”
[43:30] What’s next for the company
[45:30] Your company is a reflection of your state

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