10 guiding principles of an extraordinary relationship

How do you show up for your partner? What standards do you hold yourself to in a relationship? Do you know how to be a good partner in a relationship? Or even how to be in a good relationship?

If you want to create an extraordinary relationship with your partner, then you must start with yourself. Remember, a relationship is not a place you go to get something, it’s a place you go to give – to give your undivided attention, to give your energy, to give your love, and to give your heart. Because the beauty is that when you give this much, you get even more in return. You create joy, passion, trust and an intimacy that transcends every obstacle and every challenge that comes your way. In fact, even the darker moments along your relationship’s journey become a blessing, and a gift that allows you and your partner to become stronger as a unit.

If you want to truly become a better partner in your relationship, then it comes down to a few fundamental rules summed up by Tony Robbins’ 10 Laws of Love and Trust.

The 5 Disciplines of Love

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The Discipline of Unconditional Love & Compassion: How to be in a good relationship? Always put your lover first: It’s not about you! It’s about what you are giving and how you are caring about your partner.

The Discipline of Absolute Courage and Vulnerability: Love no matter what and commit to absolute truth. Always remember the power of unconditional love, adoration and praise.

The Discipline of Knowing the Truth: Here is the truth, it’s a no-blame game. The key is to know your partner’s soul and never make them wrong. Understand their needs and do what you can to satisfy those needs; it’s how to be a good partner in a relationship, no matter what comes your way.

The Discipline of Telling Yourself the Truth: Get conscious and commit to moment-to-moment awareness. Your state, body language, words and actions have a direct and potentially lasting impact on your relationship.

The Discipline of Giving Freedom: The power of forgiving, forgetting and flooding. Create a safe space for your partner to make honest mistakes and make them feel that they can take comfort in a secure relationship.

The 3 Disciplines of Passion

The Discipline of Daily Passion & Playfulness: Wondering how to be in a good relationship? Nurture your spark. Use feisty, flirty and playful ways to break open a heart imprisoned by fear and hurt. Open your heart and hold nothing back. Give your all to your partner.

The Discipline of Presence and Openness: Polarity is the ultimate power. Opposite energies – the masculine and the feminine – make us feel alive. Experience the strength, love and radiance that a relationship with true polarity brings about.

The Discipline of Extremes: The power of transitioning from dark to light. There will be challenging times. That is inevitable. But by being able to make your way out of those dark periods and find a happy, healthy resolve, you will strengthen your relationship and find an even greater level of intimacy.

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The 2 Disciplines of a Loving Spirit

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The Discipline of Finding the Gift in Everything: The power of higher meaning and constant growth. It is easy to get caught up in the minutiae, but sometimes it is necessary to look at the grand picture and work your way out of the details and into creating the ultimate love story that you so desire. Remember, how to be in a good relationship also has to do with your emotional control and meaning you place on what occurs. Everything is a gift, you just may not see it at the time. But if you can work with your partner to see the beauty in even the darkest times, you can create a deeper bond that brings you even closer together.

The Discipline of Gratitude & Giving: Appreciation is the power to turn the most challenging situations into opportunities to grow closer and extend generosity to the one you love. It’s about working together to achieve something greater. This, the basis of how to be in a good relationship, requires a real commitment to showing up for your partner even when it is inconvenient and finding gratitude in the most difficult situations.

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