Stop wasting your time!

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If you’ve ever used the excuse, “I don’t have time to improve my life,” consider how much time you are wasting. Stop wasting your time. Mindless moments add up. There are strategies that can help you immensely. For instance, harness the power of what Tony calls N.E.T. time – No Extra Time – and use time spent commuting, running errands, exercising or cleaning the house to feed your mind with high quality coaching and powerful information that will help you achieve your dreams.

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Here’s how to stop wasting time. Prepare a list of action items, podcasts or websites that you can utilize in short bursts of time and keep this list handy on your phone or in your planner. Combine your N.E.T. time with action, and your results will increase exponentially! Take a look at all of the time you could be taking advantage of right now. N.E.T. time allows you to maximize the time you currently have at your fingertips, so you get more done without missing a moment.

Before you can move full speed ahead into time management systems, it helps to think about why you find yourself wasting time in the first place.

Why are you wasting time?

There are many reasons why you might be wasting time. Maybe you haven’t gotten clear on your ultimate purpose, and don’t feel motivated to move forward. Perhaps you’ve given in to limiting beliefs and are telling yourself you’re incapable of accomplishing your goals. Or maybe you haven’t yet mastered effective time management skills and are wasting more time than planned. Whatever the reason, you can move forward.

Here are a few strategies that can help you to stop wasting time.

1. Chunking: Chunking is the process of grouping things you need to do by the outcome. Start by capturing, or writing down, everything you need to do. Then, look for commonalities. Finally, take action.
2. Priming: Sometimes getting things done is all about being in the right state. By practicing priming every day, for just 10 minutes, you can adjust your emotions and attitude to where it needs to be. When you’re in the right state, you’ll accomplish more and feel more motivated.
3. Rapid Planning Method (RPM): RPM is a time management system that allows you to reclaim control of your life. Immerse yourself in the program by purchasing The Time of Your Life, a 10-day audio coaching program that demonstrates how to apply RPM successfully to your own life.

There are a limited number of hours in the day, but when used effectively, there’s more than enough time to accomplish everything you set your mind to. Start reclaiming your time today by using one of the proven strategies or tools used by Tony Robbins himself.

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