Learning effective business leadership skills sets your company apart

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. It’s an empowering but unforgiving task fraught with challenges and unknowns at almost every turn. It takes a great leader to manage all the moving parts so that the business not only makes a profit but becomes self-sustaining. Whether you own your own business or run someone else’s, effective leadership is a make-or-break factor for a company’s success. Strong business leadership accelerates success, while poor leadership is oftentimes the proverbial nail in the coffin. Learning effective business leadership skills sets the stage for fulfilling your company’s true potential. 

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Leadership in business is the basis of success

Leadership in the business world is unique in that it requires interpersonal skills as well as technical savvy. Effective leadership in business is the capacity to set challenging SMART goals that distinguish a company from its competition. Business leadership means taking decisive action to problem solve on a dime. And just as importantly, great business leadership nurtures the human component of a company by inspiring staff to perform at their highest abilities. Strong leadership sets the tone for your company culture, which is the driving force of staff retention as well as customer loyalty.

What does a lack of skilled business leadership look like? Poor leadership in business has many faces. A poorly-led team lacks direction, inspiration and cohesion. If your sales, marketing and customer service teams are disjointed, no one will be able to get their job done well. In time, weak business leadership creates a downward spiral of dysfunction that inevitably seeps into your customer relations. And when you’re not creating raving fan customers, your business is on its way to the grave.

How to improve your business leadership skills

If you are searching for ways to build your business leadership skills, you’re already demonstrating your potential to lead. Natural leaders want to perform at the top so they can inspire others to do the same. Here are tips for learning effective leadership in business to take your company to the next level.

1. Lead by inspiration, not domination

One of the quintessential traits of great leadership is that it encourages each person in a team to bring their A game. Rather than making demands, effective business leadership invites collaboration. When each member of a team feels valued and respected, everyone is empowered to bring their full creativity to the table.


lead by inspiration to improve leadership in business

2. Lead by example

practice empathy to improve leadership in business


As the person ultimately in charge of your business, you must lead by example. This is no place for a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. When you set an example for your team, you’re creating the basis from which your corporate culture ultimately emerges. You want to demonstrate honesty, integrity and trustworthiness so that these become synonymous with your brand.


3. Practice empathy

Empathy in business is one of the most pivotal skills you will ever learn. In the context of business leadership, empathy equates to understanding the other party’s perspective so you’re able to find common ground with them. Rather than focusing on your differences, you’re able to communicate in a way that facilitates collaboration to further your shared goals.


practice empathy to improve leadership in business

4. Be flexible

True leadership in business is goal-oriented, but flexibly so. You must be adaptable in your approach to running a business, or else your problem-solving abilities will be impaired. Bolstering your business leadership skills requires engaging challenges with an open mind. From here, you’re able to see all the options available to you.

be flexible to improve your business leadership skills

An exceptional business leadership example

General Electric CEO Jack Welch is a prime example of stand-out business leadership and all it can accomplish. In his 20-year tenure with GE, Welch exemplified leadership in business through his financial strategies, commitment to constant innovation and horizontal power structure. By requiring management to work alongside workers, Welch inspired the entire team. GE’s staff was empowered to produce its best work, increasing GE’s market value by $493 billion. As the company fine-tuned its operations, it also found innovative strategies that set the GE product apart from competitors’ products. As a result of Welch’s business leadership skills, the company became the household name it is today.

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