6 Success Tips For Business Owners

If you own a business or are considering starting a business, you clearly want to know how to become a successful business owner. No one goes into business with the goal of failing or being mediocre. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t even know what success looks like for them, let alone how to achieve it.

Being a successful business owner is not necessarily about the number of zeroes in your bank account or whether you can retire at 66. It’s about having clear-cut goals and knowing what makes you singular in your personal life and in your field so you can build a business that is talkably different.

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The psychology of success

Most of the factors that determine your success as a business owner are already in your own head. Take Caleb, for example: His limiting beliefs about not having a degree from a fancy business school and that he must settle for 10% yearly growth were holding him back from being the successful business owner he could be. He shattered those beliefs after attending Business Mastery and adopted the psychology of a very successful business owner. It didn’t matter that he was younger than all his competitors or hadn’t gone to the best business school. Because he believed he could be successful, he was way ahead of the game.

Success tips for business owners

Want to know how to become a successful business owner? Though every leader is different, some tips apply to almost everyone. Why? Because success is more about adopting the right mindset and putting a foundation in place than about increasing sales or finding customers. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years and feel stuck, you can learn how to be a successful business owner with these six tips.

1. Find what makes you stand out

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It’s not easy to stand out in today’s business world. Learning how to be a successful business owner, though, is all about embracing and promoting what makes you and your company different. Successful business owners are not all cut from the same cloth and it’s important to realize that there is no single way for you to be in order to achieve success. Finding your own way is the path to new ways of thinking, innovative ideas and the products and services that will make an impact on today’s consumers.

Take some time to think about what makes you unique as a person. Were you raised in a different country or by a single parent? Did you go a non-traditional educational route by attending trade school or forgoing higher education altogether? Did you travel to remote and interesting places, and did those travels shape your beliefs? Dig deep and identify everything that makes you different from your competition, then find ways to integrate these differences into your role as a leader.

2. Identify role models

Embracing your individuality does not mean you can’t learn from those who have already learned how to become a successful business owner. Even Tony Robbins relied on influential role models like Jim Rohn and John Grinder when he was establishing his own business. To identify role models, make sure you look at leaders in your industry as well as those in completely different ones. Most truly successful business owners have multiple role models and mentors spanning a variety of industries. You might also look into working with a business coach or doing some training to learn from others.

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3. Own your business; don’t let it own you

Business Owner

One common trap that business owners fall into is acting as an operator rather than an owner. This was the challenge Daniel Lanigan was having when he attended Business Mastery in Palm Beach. The owner of a successful brewing company, Daniel had been letting the business consume him and it was affecting his success as well as his quality of life. After learning from Tony about how to be a successful business owner, he was able to change his mindset and step out of the role of operator. As a business owner, there is no reason you need to be working 80 hours a week and sacrificing your health and personal relationships in the name of success. You can run a successful business and still make your health and happiness a priority. In fact, running a business from this perspective will actually increase your level of success rather than compromise it.

4. Build the right team

To step out of the role of operator and still be a successful business owner, you must have the right team in place. Building a successful team is based on knowing the true nature of those you hire and placing them in the proper roles. Your team members must understand themselves and how they fit into the bigger picture. Being a successful business owner is about inspiring others, and the leaders on your team must also have this skill so they can gain and keep the trust and loyalty of those who work under them. When you become adept in building teams like this, you can hand over the reins and focus on higher level issues in business development. Leave the day-to-day issues that eat up time and energy to your capable team.

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5. Turn setbacks into successes

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One of the best success tips for business owners is to learn how to turn setbacks into successes. No matter how good your product or service or how strong your team, your business will experience setbacks. If you take those as signs of failure and give up or lose your confidence, you will never learn how to become a successful business owner. Reframe and view these as signs that you need to make small tweaks or even large changes (known as “pivots”). This could mean changing your product offering, adjusting your selling strategies or reorganizing your team. When you see these setbacks as opportunities rather than problems, you will continue moving in the right direction.

6. Create a culture of innovation

Stagnation equals doom for a business. What made you a success a few years ago may no longer be relevant and you can never rely on old solutions to solve new problems. To avoid this and learn how to become a successful business owner, cultivate an innovation culture in your company. Encourage new ideas and outside the box thinking. Try new strategies and tactics. Embrace technology and implement new ways that tech can help you communicate with customers or target a new audience. When you constantly innovate, you’ll never fall behind the times and will be a disruptor instead of one of the disrupted.

creating a culture of innovation to become a successful business owner

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