Whether you’re a relatively new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran pursuing additional success, when your company matures past its startup phase, you’re ready to grow your business. You may be driven by personal or professional ambitions, but understanding how to grow your business is not just a worthy goalit’s a requirement if you want to secure your company’s long-term stability and your own financial freedom. You’ve created a master business plan – now it’s time to implement it. Like starting a business, growing a business centers on remaining true to your original passions while adding value for your customer. To accomplish this, you need resources to help you refine your marketing, branding, operations and personnel practices so that you innovate constantly and competitively. By executing the business vision you’ve so carefully planned, you’ll overcome the pain points of business growth while developing the capacity to scale sustainably.


Pain points of growing a business

When it comes to tackling how to grow your small business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may feel unsure about how to improve your processes, since everything needs work. You may feel anxious about all the unknowns of a growing business, from handling normal growing pains to trusting your business plan itself. The good news is, rather than taking drastic action to grow your business, it’s actually small, incremental changes that drive explosive growth. By leveraging the forces of optimization, you’re able to use the resources you already have to create forward momentum. To leverage your resources optimally, get back to the fundamentals and ask yourself, “What business am I really in?” Embrace the fact that sustainable business growth strategies hinge on brand and business identity, which is what you focused on in custom-crafting your business map. Use your business identity as your compass, and focus on specific outcomes that will bring your vision to life. Take a look at all areas of your businessyour marketing, advertising, sales, operations and even company cultureand you’ll discover room for improvements that will grow your business.

Managing a growing business

Grow your business with strategy and a business map

Understanding how to grow your small business requires putting your business map into action. As you work to grow your business, look to the narrative components of your mapthe obstacles and resources you anticipate encountering along the way. Look at your map as a tool for navigating these obstacles. Like a geographic map, you must keep your position on the map updated continually for it to be effective. As you steer your business toward expansion, you’ll find that, as you update your map consistently, you can adapt to needs as they arise in real time. Your plan gets at the heart of your business by creating a portrait of your ideal clientthe driving force behind every decision you’ll make. Implementing your business plan will also force you to pinpoint external influences on your business (like economic or market forces), which is vital data for your marketing strategy. By forcing you to evaluate your brand identity, your plan prepares you to give the competition a run for their money.

The tools you need to grow your small business

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