How to improve creativity

Are you stuck on a business problem you just can’t seem to solve? Tony Robbins says, “Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” But it can be hard to look at business issues as a gift. You need to change your perspective and your mental state, and start thinking about how to improve creativity.

Creativity is an essential part of vision – and you must have vision in order to live your passion and inspire others. When you have vision, your passion shows naturally and your creativity starts flowing.

Creativity is also a form of resourcefulness, one of the top leadership qualities. The most successful people look at their problems creatively. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg are all creatives. While they may not have always come up with innovative solutions, they learned how to think creatively – and you can, too.

Ready to improve your creativity?

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Why is creativity important in business?

Learning how to increase creativity isn’t just a task for writers and artists – all business owners need this skill. As Tony says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” and creativity plays a role in business growth. One study found that companies that actively cultivate creativity have faster revenue growth and are more likely to be market leaders. But why?

Constant strategic innovation is one of the Seven Forces of Business Mastery – and creativity is vital. It’s what will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It’s your X-factor: the thing that adds more value to the marketplace than your competition and creates raving fan customers.

As marketing expert and longtime friend of Tony’s, Jay Abraham, says, “If you have competitors selling similar products to yours, you have to do something different.” Most companies are going to have these competitors, but in order to stand out in a crowded world you need to get creative. Take something you’re already doing, put a little more thought into it and turn it into something great. It takes time, but discovering how to improve creativity will have a massive impact on your business.

How to think creatively

Creativity doesn’t always just happen. Here’s how to get your passion flowing and kick your creativity into high gear.

Ask yourself the right questions. You don’t always need to come up with solutions – asking yourself questions can be just as enlightening. Imagine your problem from a different perspective. Ask questions as if you are the customer or an employee.


Activate your creativity switch. Asking yourself the right questions can also activate what Jay calls the “creativity switch.” Each time you sit down to solve a problem, reconnect with what you’re doing by verbalizing the question you’re answering. He compares it to rebooting a computer – but you’re rebooting your creativity.



Get outside your comfort zone.

Steve Jobs said “Creativity is just connecting things,” and in order to do that, you must have experiences to connect. Take a trip, read a book or watch a TV show you wouldn’t normally like. Go out and meet people with different interests. When you’re open to new things, creativity flows.

Take some time off.

Working all the time will make you feel productive, but it won’t help your creativity. Your mind needs time to process experiences, regenerate and make those connections you’re looking for.

Move your body.

Writer Henry David Thoreau said, “The moment my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow.” He was on to something: Studies have found that exercise improves creative thinking and memory. Next time you feel stuck on how to increase creativity, get up and move!

How to improve creativity in your business

It’s imperative to create a culture of innovation at your company. Use these tips to show your employees how to boost creativity and launch your brand to new levels.

Include many different types of people in brainstorming. This doesn’t just mean different departments or different levels of authority. Include people with different life experience and worldviews, and always include people who have different opinions than you.

Ask the group the right questions.

As Tony says, “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Take this concept from the previous section and apply it to a brainstorming group by using a Question Burst to get the creativity flowing.



Foster funnel vision, not tunnel vision. This concept from Jay applies to both your business and the wider world. Don’t just focus on what’s going on in your industry or in your department – that’s tunnel vision. Encourage your employees to use a wider perspective instead: funnel vision. Learning about other trades and professions and about other areas of the business encourages them to make new connections.

Create an accepting and encouraging environment. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “There are no bad ideas.” You must create an environment where this is true. Everyone’s ideas must be heard and given equal value and failure should be seen as opportunity. “You have to fail to be successful,” Tony says. Rather than punishing failure, celebrate success. It’s all part of building trust in the workplace.

The secrets of how to develop creative thinking don’t belong only to poets and painters. Anyone can take steps to improve creativity and solve even the toughest business problems. The time to start is now.

Ready to improve your creativity?

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