8 ways a life coach can help you achieve your dreams

Some of the world’s most wildly successful people have used a life coach: Oprah. Leonardo DiCaprio. Tony Robbins himself has coached Serena Williams and many other celebrities, entrepreneurs and world leaders. Any major player in the C-suite or in the professional locker room knows that the support of high-level consultants is absolutely essential to success. So if you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a life coach?,” you’re not alone.

Choosing to work with a life coach is a major decision. You might have heard about their various capabilities and wondered if you should get a life coach to help with your situation. Here are some ways to identify if you need a coach.

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1. You feel lost

Are you still searching for your career path 10 years out of school? Feeling unfulfilled at work or in your relationship? Just unsure about what you want to be doing, even though you know it’s not what you’re doing right now?

Feeling lost often leads people to wonder, “Should I get a life coach?” You’re not alone. It’s probably time to find a Results Coach who can help you clarify your values so you can set meaningful goals for yourself and create an actionable plan.

Sometimes, you just need help getting to the next level. Progress equals happiness, and a Results Coach can help you achieve progress in the areas of your life that matter. While success takes work, dedication and time, a Coach not only helps you set goals and make an action plan, but also consistently provides a supportive tip, tool or strategy as you make progress. Friends and family can provide advice and listen to you vent. But you need a life coach if you want to determine what really matters to you in an honest way and make a strategic plan on how to move forward.

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2. You’re letting fear hold you back

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Everyone is intimidated from time to time by challenges in their lives. Even Richard Branson was afraid of public speaking. The difference is that successful people know how to find their inner strength and use that fear to grow as a person, instead of holding them back. If you’re having trouble overcoming your fears, you need a life coach.

A Results Coach can help you name your fears, take action and learn how to use them as a force for success. A coach can also help you transform the way you think about your fears today and shift your perspective so that your focus is on emphasizing your positive traits, instead of focusing on limiting beliefs.

3. You think you’re not good enough

Fear is often a product of our limiting beliefs. What untrue ideas do you hold about yourself? Do you consistently tell yourself that you’re not good enough to accomplish your goals? We all have battle scars, but some of us have trouble letting go of past experiences that limit and prevent us from moving forward in life and toward our goals.

Holding on to terrible memories and feelings is both exhausting and counterproductive, and a Results Coach can help you process your old beliefs and ideas in ways that allow you to work past counterproductive patterns, get more done and move forward – instead of dwelling on the past.

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4. You have self-destructive habits

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Many of us sabotage our own success – and sometimes we don’t even know it. We often take two steps forward and three steps back: eating healthy during the week and bingeing on weekends, or allowing a relationship to deteriorate due to jealousy or insecurity. Drinking too much. Spending too much time on social media.

These are all ways that we waste time and sabotage ourselves – and they could be indicators that  you need a life coach. A life coach can help you make better decisions and cut out self-destructive habits. If you’re ready to break out of old patterns, a great life coach can help you overcome setbacks and achieve new growth.

5. You want to be more decisive

Do you need a life coach? Think about your current status in your professional or personal life. Do you feel that you’ve missed out on opportunities because you’re afraid to take action? If your confidence isn’t where it should be or you’re having trouble charting a course because you’re too close to your problems to see the next steps, a Result Coach can help you find clarity and guide you to a more proactive path.

The many “shoulds” that you encounter every day can cloud your judgment, and it’s the job of a life coach to make it easier to understand what you really want and to help you figure out how to get it. He or she can also help you shrewdly assess risks and assert yourself wisely, which boosts your confidence as you practice such important life skills.

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6. You can’t seem to focus

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You have a goal, like starting a business – great! But you need more than a goal to achieve your dreams. You need a clear vision and laser-focused energy in order to make that vision a reality. A Results Coach is an expert who can help you clarify your goals. Through comprehensive goal-setting and examining your current operations, a life coach will help you hone in on what you truly want, and cut down on efforts that aren’t helping your objective.

If formulating a clear vision isn’t your issue but creating an actionable plan to execute it is, a Results Coach is still your go-to resource. Coaches are trained to know proven strategies for success and frameworks that get results. Your coach has used these methods in their own life to achieve success, and so has Tony Robbins. Don’t let your idea fall by the wayside due to lack of organization!

7. You need better time management

Procrastinators everywhere have wondered, “Do I need a life coach?” at one time or another. You know that putting off until tomorrow what you need to do today isn’t going to get you anywhere, but sometimes you need help staying on task. A Results Coach can help you break through these counterproductive patterns. They’ll teach you valuable time management skills, like chunking and how to create time targets.

If you don’t have any time or resources to waste as you strive toward your goals, a Results Coach can help you achieve more with less by finding solutions to plateaus or challenges you’re facing, helping you get to your end game faster. A Results Coach will show you that you don’t need more resources to get what you want, but you need to maximize your resourcefulness.

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8. You’re facing a major transition

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If you’re about to change jobs, move to a new city or get out of a relationship, you need a life coach. You don’t want to burn out your family and friends with discussions about your upcoming life changes, and you want to make your transition as easy as you can. You also want to begin new chapters in your life on your own terms, but if you don’t know what those are, you’ll need help clarifying them.

One of the biggest life changes that leaves people thinking, “I need a life coach,” is a career transition – or high career ambitions. If you’re ready to make the leap to a new job or profession, a Results Coach can give you the confidence to do so. If more money is on your mind and you’re not sure how to get it, a life coach can help you find ways to earn more by identifying your strengths that you can leverage or opportunities that have gone unnoticed.

If any of these issues are reminiscent of your life right now, you may need a life coach. A Tony Robbins Results Coach can not only help you identify what you really want, but they’ll create a personal plan that helps you find success.

Tony Robbins Results Coaches are trained professionals that receive more than 250 hours of training. Coaches are taught the same methods that Tony’s used to achieve massive success in his own life, and now, you can gain access to these strategies as well. It’s time to stop wondering if you need a life coach and start taking action.

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