How you sabotage your own success

Stop taking 2 steps forward – and 3 steps back

One of the strongest human needs is the need to be accepted by others — to be included. For many, however, that need for acceptance can come at the cost of their own success.

When you succeed, you become a symbol of success; for some, your success only reminds them of their own failures. When they witness your accomplishments, they feel insignificant. Why? Because you represent a feat they could not accomplish. You represent what they are not but hope to be. However, rather than go out and try to replicate you, they tear you down, because it’s easier to do.

Although you may be perplexed by their reaction, you have to make a decision. You can either ignore them and continue on your successful path or hold yourself back in order to fit in. By doing this, you avoid the pain of rejection and jealousy, but you also are no longer progressing full speed ahead and will ultimately accomplish less than what you are capable of.

As Tony puts it, you end up taking two steps forward and three steps back, and as a result you become stuck in an endless cycle of self-sabotage. Hear him explain this concept in the video below.

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