How to build confidence

Have you ever felt that when you’re in a bad mood, things in your life start going from bad to worse? Have you ever woken up in an incredible mood and had everything go your way?

How you feel is the direct result of your state. If you feel stressed out, anxious and upset, you’re going to be living in a depressed state – everything will feel like it’s going awry. On the other hand, if you feel gratitude, love and joy, you’re going to be living in an amazing, positive state in which nothing bothers you. How do we get in these states? By giving into our emotions. Your emotions become your actions, and over time, this affects how you feel and act every single day.

You are completely in charge of how you feel, including whether or not you feel confident. Confidence is not something people are born with or simply have; rather, it’s something you can create. It’s the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish what you set out to do; it’s an emotion you can train yourself to access in an instant.

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What’s your purpose?

Why is building confidence important to you? Do you host seminars at which you have to interact with a lot of customers? Do you run your own business and need to appear knowledgeable in front of your staff? Maybe you’re dating and want to come across as confident when you meet a new romantic interest for the first time. Whatever your reason for building self-confidence, you must know your purpose for wanting to achieve it.

When the moment comes that you need to look and feel confident, think about your purpose. Know with absolute certainty that in order to accomplish your goal, you need to present yourself as a confident person. This will enable you to instantly snap into the mindset and physiological state of someone with abundant self-confidence. You’ll let go of negative thoughts that are holding you back and your body will take the cue that it’s time to stand up straighter, stop fidgeting and present as the best possible version of yourself.

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Consider your questions

Are you asking yourself questions that are holding you back from being confident? It’s time to work on releasing these limiting beliefs from your mind. Many people ask themselves questions like “How come I’m not successful?” “Am I not smart enough to reach my goal?” “Do other people see me as a failure?”

What if you shifted the pattern of your thoughts, and began asking yourself things like “Why shouldn’t I accomplish everything I set my mind to?” and “Why would I waste time on my anxieties instead of focusing on my strengths?” When you ask a better question, you get a better answer. As Tony Robbins says, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

By assessing your limiting thoughts and beliefs and shifting your pattern of thought, you can more easily tap into a strong sense of confidence. If you find yourself asking negative, limiting questions when it’s time to be confident, stop yourself. Think something positive about yourself instead, and begin focusing on all the reasons you’ll succeed instead of why you’ll fail.

What excites you?

There’s one incredible trick that will help you figure out how to build self-confidence even when you’re at your absolute lowest. Think about something you’re proud of – it’s as simple as that! When you’re feeling unsure of yourself, think of something you’re incredibly proud of. Maybe it’s an accomplishment you achieved at work, or perhaps you think about something nice you’ve done recently for your family. This will instantly elevate your mood and allow you to channel some incredible self-confidence.

Your mind will then start on a positive track – if you were able to generate record amounts of revenue for your company last year, why shouldn’t you be able to give an amazing presentation? If you’re the same person who coached your daughter’s softball team while getting promoted to vice president in the same year, what’s holding you back from achieving this new goal? Channeling moments of pride can help you to see the big picture more clearly, ultimately allowing you to become more confident.


You can create confidence in an instant. As you practice how to tap into that feeling of confidence and begin to believe in your own abilities, you’ll be able to access those emotions faster and more often. You are in charge of your emotions and can use them to shape your life however you choose. Decide today that you’re going to be a more confident, positive version of yourself, and you’ll have no other option than to succeed.

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