In-person versus online coaching

Take a close look at a truly lasting change you or someone you know has made. It probably didn’t happen overnight. “All of our success and failure in life comes from little decisions, little actions, little moments,” Tony Robbins says. These “little” moments add up to revolutionary changes.

Many of us need an extra push to start down this path of transformation, but only you can decide to commit to mastery. Empower yourself with the right tools. Set yourself up to win. You don’t even need to leave your house. Online coaching is on the rise – and it’s just as effective as other forms.

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Benefits of online coaching

From athletes to celebrities, executives and politicians, the most successful people in the world have used life coaches. But you don’t need to be Oprah or Serena Williams to benefit from online coaching. You just need a desire to make lasting change in your life.

  • Build a support system. Change is a process. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re cruising, reaching all your goals and crushing life, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’ve hit a wall. Your virtual coach will hold you accountable and be there for you through all the ups and downs of your journey.
  • Get moving. We don’t mean physically, although the right virtual coach can absolutely help you with fitness goals. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, coaching can be the push you need to jump-start your life.

virtual coaching

virtual coaching

  • Eliminate self-doubt. Even the most confident people sometimes have self-doubt. But they’ve learned how to see it for what it truly is – fear – and they refuse to let it hold them back. Your virtual coach can help you examine the limiting beliefs that lead to self-doubt so you can reach your peak state.
  • Ditch bad habits. Self-destructive habits are one way we sabotage our own success. We have that third glass of wine, then sleep late the next day. We spend too much time on social media instead of getting work done. Virtual coaching can help you shatter these old habits and replace them with healthy ones.
  • Make a plan. Maybe you feel like you’ve got your life together. You just landed your dream job, moved to a new city or started a promising relationship. But when you’re facing a major decision or transition, it’s the perfect time to turn to virtual coaching to help you plan for what’s next.
Online coaching versus in-person coaching

You may recognize your needs in the list above, but you think you need a live coach rather than a virtual coach. We’re accustomed to doing many things in person: working out at the gym, seeing a therapist, attending academic classes and more. That’s why many people assume that in-person coaching is the best. But there are many benefits to opting for online coaching.


Online coaching provides the ultimate flexibility. You can easily find a time that works for both you and your coach. And it’s ideal for those who travel frequently, because you can meet from anywhere.


There’s no need to rush out the door in the morning or waste time driving to an appointment during rush hour. Online coaching gives you more of your time back, which you can use toward achieving your goals instead.


Thanks to all that time you’re saving, you may be able to arrange more frequent check-ins with your virtual coach than you would with an in-person coach. This increases your accountability.


Virtual coaches often have groups you can join (like Facebook groups) or will recommend an app or website for you to use. That can help you develop a sense of community – even if you’re not physically near each other.


When you use online coaching instead of going to a physical location, you never have to worry about running into a coworker or neighbor outside – or in the waiting room. Just take your computer into a private space and you have your very own coaching office.

What to look for in a virtual coaching program

Not all online coaching programs are created equal. A virtual coach may not be a psychologist or a nutritionist, but they still need a comprehensive set of skills and training. Ask questions about these traits when you’re looking for a coach.

  • Extensive training. Virtual coaches don’t just need initial training. They need to participate in continuous education to keep their skills sharp and up to date. Tony Robbins Results Coaches complete over 250 hours of training every year to ensure they are experts – that’s why these strategies have helped more than three million people worldwide.
  • Excellent communication. Online coaching is all about communication. When you don’t meet with someone in person, communication is the essential lifeline that lets you know they’re listening. If your virtual coach takes days to respond to you or never answers your calls, look elsewhere.

Online coaching

Online coaching

  • A detailed plan. Online coaching is more than giving advice. Coaches aren’t friends, mentors or therapists – they are there to help you succeed at a specific goal. Success comes from having a plan and measuring your progress. A virtual coach with no plan is a coach you should skip.
  • Passion. It isn’t all about goals and measurements. Great coaches must also have passion. They’ve frequently overcome challenges of their own and made it their life’s purpose to help others do the same. They have a vision, and they know how to transform that vision into reality.
  • A trial period. Even when your virtual coach checks all these boxes, you may not have chemistry with your first coach – and that’s OK. The best online coaching programs will work to make the right match. Tony Robbins Results Coaching offers a free, 30-minute introductory session so you can check it out.

Signing up for online coaching can be a life-changing decision. That’s why only you can decide if it’s right for you. But if you have a deep desire to change your psychology and achieve more than you ever thought possible, it may be time to see where coaching can take you.

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