What makes a great coach?

What Defines a Great Coach?

A great coach knows how to lead and inspire, marked by their unique ability to drive action, optimize resources, and elevate individuals to new heights of achievement. Key attributes include:

  • Leadership: Empowers and guides individuals to realize their full potential.
  • Problem-Solving: Offers solutions that bring about a deeper understanding and clear path for overcoming challenges.
  • Inspiration: Guides individuals to explore what’s possible and achieve beyond their expectations.
  • Influence: Skillfully steers others towards breakthroughs for lasting change.
  • Communication: Clear, patient, and respectful interaction that fosters trust and progress toward goals.
  • Knowledge and Observance: Deep understanding of the domain coupled with a keen eye for detail.

These qualities together form the cornerstone of what it means to be not just good, but a great coach, capable of transforming both individual and collective performance.

Great coaches see things as they are, not worse than they are. They have a firm grasp on reality, and are honest with themselves about where they stand. Unlike most people, however, they do not dwell on problems; they tackle them head on. They have the proper skills and knowledge to assess the situation and find the best path to move forward. Fear and doubt do not play a role in their mission, even though they must take necessary risks to help others break through to the next level.

Great coaches also have vision. They can see things better than they are and help others to share in that idea. They can create movement that inspires others, so that they roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. It goes well beyond directing activity, as a great coach will define the future and make it real and attainable for others.

Great coaches also understand strategy. They realize that transforming a vision into reality requires incremental changes that amount to radical results. It’s not always about the resources available, it’s knowing how to maximize resources — someone’s will, energy, creativity, courage, faith and determination — to achieve goals.

In this video, we can see how Tony Robbins helps world-renowned coach Pat Riley take his game to the next level. He explains why it is so essential to make a goal palatable, understandable, and attainable:

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