How to overcome anxiety at work

Are you stressed at work or overwhelmed with anxiety? Whether you’re an established business owner, a devoted and passionate employee or just starting out as an entrepreneur, we are all met with challenges that affect our careers and alter our state of mind. The mind is a powerful tool but overworking it can be detrimental to your mental health. To avoid this, you can use these three basic relaxation techniques to help you clear your mind at work so you achieve the best results and your ultimate goals.

Ready to take control of anxiety and climb to new heights?

Learn the priming method
1. The power of pause

Implementing a brief 2-3 minute moment of silence and focused breathing into your workday can drastically clear your mind and increase your overall productivity. The power of pause requires the following actions:

  • Place whatever you are doing on pause
  • Sit or stand with your back straight up and both feet on the ground, shoulder-width apart
  • Relax your shoulders and place your arms at your side
  • Close your eyes
  • Focus 5-10 deep breaths throughout your body by slowly breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth

how to alleviate stress at work

how to clear your mind by breathing

While breathing, make sure you concentrate on your airflow and express gratitude for each breath. Acknowledge your body for working and appreciate your body for its work. The power of pause is often referred to as an act of meditation because the motion of focused breathing calms the breath, clears the mind and gives you a moment to reflect. This moment of pause allows you to work through your thoughts and eases any tension in your body, which relieves stress and contributes to your mental and physical well-being.

We typically don’t take time to pause because we tell ourselves we don’t have time. In reality, it’s in these moments that we contribute most to our effective reasoning, cognitive thinking and our ability to form new ideas. Take a personal moment of pause or bring all of your co-workers together to enjoy a short break from work. The opportunity to pause what you’re doing, close your eyes, breathe and appreciate your life, body and breath can instantly change your mental state, clear your mind and foster greater productivity and focus.

“The mind can be a dangerous place, but it can also be a beautiful place.” – Tony Robbins

2. Priming

Tony Robbins’ priming exercise takes the power of pause to the next level. While the first five steps are similar in nature, the next steps in the priming exercise are what allow you to transfer that clear mind into your business.

  • Visualize: You are what you see for yourself. Whether in business, health or with family or other relationships, priming pushes you to clear your mind and visualize how you imagine your life to look. Be as creative or simple as you like, but don’t limit your mind. Through visualization, nothing is impossible for you to obtain.
  • Share: Take your positive energy to your workplace, co-workers, employees and loved ones. Share with them how you cleared your mind and help others find clarity.
  • Focus and celebrate: Your vision is achievable. Focus your energy on what you visualize and celebrate your work as if it’s already done. Start your day victorious and ready to conquer all that you set out to do.
  • Get ready to work: The day is yours! It’s your chance to take massive action and move in the direction of your goals and dreams. With priming, you have cultivated a state from which you are ready to conquer your day, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Priming is an excellent way to start each morning because it sets the tone for the remainder of your day. If done routinely, you will be able to start and end each day with a clear mind.

how to prime and clear your mind

3. Relax and release

how to clear your mind using meditation

Although priming is a great way to start the day, everyone has days where they allow situations to break their focus and affect their attitude. Michael Singer, renowned spiritual teacher and author of The Untethered Soul, discusses ways to work through emotions as they arise, including the concept of “Relax and Release” as a key tool for clearing the mind. On a daily basis we allow even the smallest irritations to bother us so much that we often forget to breathe. In those moments, simply take a second to relax (identify), breathe (analyze) and release (let go of) any tension we feel.


When your palms begin to sweat , blood rushes to your cheeks,  and you feel your heartbeat pound throughout your entire body… relax. Take a walk, listen to music (preferably smooth instrumentals) and breathe. Allow yourself to pause and  calm your mind and body so you can more objectively analyze your emotions: Where do these feelings come from, and what caused you to feel them?

Stress is often derived from a combination of pain points collected over time. Take the moment to breathe as you think through your emotions (both past and present) and release.


Let go of thoughts that cause you pain and replace them with positive ones. Through positive thinking, affirmations and repetition of positive mantras, mental relaxation becomes easier and releasing things outside of your control becomes automatic.

mindfulness and meditation

Your overall mental health is vital to the health of your work life. You work hard and you deserve to have a clear mind. By incorporating priming, the power of pause, and relax and release into your daily routine your work life and your personal life will become more peaceful. When faced with any challenge, you will know exactly how to clear your mind in order to conquer your day.

Ready to take control of anxiety and climb to new heights?

Learn how to overcome anxiety to achieve your goals and strengths by practicing Tony Robbins’ Priming method.