Adopt an empowering morning ritual

10+ morning rituals that can change your life

How important is a morning ritual? It can be hard to face the start of what may be a stressful day – but an uplifting and positive incantation can be enough to completely alter how you feel.

How do you view each morning? If the thought of getting out of bed and preparing for each day fills you with dread, this mood is likely to carry throughout the rest of your day, leaving you in a perpetual state of immobility. With effective morning ritual ideas, you can set the day in motion with a much better approach.

Why you need a morning ritual

The quality of your life is not based on the quality of your circumstances. You can effectively adjust the mental and emotional filters that determine how you look at your life. This influences the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what we’re capable of and what’s achievable or not. The states we go into most often then become the most powerful filter of all that will determine whether we find the strategies necessary to succeed and whether we come up with a story that will empower us.

Change for a better outlook is always possible, but how does one achieve it? Morning rituals that can change your life do so by putting you in a positive, empowering state that carries through your day. One of the greatest scientific discoveries has been that you can alter your emotional mood by a radical shift in your physiology, and we can start to achieve that through incantations and other morning rituals.

Tony’s morning ritual: Incantations

One of Tony’s favorite morning ritual ideas is positive incantations. That’s right, not affirmations – incantations. This is an important difference. Affirmations are spoken words of encouragement, but while the positive thinking is there, affirmations may fail you as a transformative technique. You can recite something uplifting, but if you aren’t embodying it physically, you are only skimming the surface. 

Incantations are about embodying the meaning behind the words, which is why they are so powerful. With incantations, not only are you speaking words of empowerment, you are using your body and your voice. You are changing your physiology and changing your state, leading to a different and more positive outlook and approach to each day.

While affirmations sound positive, they won’t carry the full weight of emotion and transformative power if the person saying them aloud does not actually believe in the thoughts and meaning behind them. Incantations are meant to reverberate throughout the body and mind and alter one’s sense of self, committing your life to positive energy and accessing the confidence within yourself.

Using incantations to help take direct control of your state can make all the difference in the quality of your life – so don’t rush them. Leave a comfortable amount of time for your morning ritual, during which you will have a clear and stress-free mind and the ability to focus on these important positive incantations.

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More morning ritual ideas

Looking for more morning rituals that can change your life? These 10 morning ritual ideas are proven to have both mental and physical benefits.

1. Priming

Priming is another of Tony’s top morning ritual ideas. A combination of breathing exercises, visualization and practicing gratitude, it takes just 10 minutes each morning but will set you up to conquer every obstacle in your path.

2. Cold showers

Cold showers can reduce pain and inflammation, increase happiness, tighten skin and improve overall health, among other benefits. Tony plunges into a cold pool as part of his morning ritual. Beginners can start at 30 seconds and work up to five to ten minutes.

3. Journaling

The benefits of journaling include reduced anxiety, improved memory and better problem-solving. It’s no wonder many successful people, like entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, start their day with journaling. From gratitude journals to the Five-Minute Journal, there’s a style out there for you.

4. Exercise

If there is only one morning ritual you add to your day, exercise is the most important. It decreases depression and anxiety and helps you live a longer, healthier life. Find exercise you enjoy and do it at least five days a week for the best results.

5. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most recommended morning ritual ideas. It can help you master your emotions and mindset, reduce stress, stay focused and be more productive. We can all use those benefits throughout our day.

6. Yoga

The popularity of yoga has exploded in recent years – and for good reason. It’s relaxing, puts you in a positive mindset for the day and affords you all the benefits of stretching. You can even incorporate some elements of meditation or priming as you do yoga.

7. Mindfulness

How mindful are you of your thoughts in the morning? Your mindset when you first wake up sets the tone for your entire day. Pay attention to your internal self-talk in the morning and transform any negative thoughts into empowering ones to carry you through the day.

8. Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is always a good idea, but it’s especially powerful as part of your morning ritual. When you start your day in a state of abundance, there’s no room for negativity to bring you down. Think of one thing to be grateful for as soon as you wake up and watch your day improve.

9. Music

The power of music brings people together, allows self-expression and can even make you happier and more productive. Oprah makes listening to music part of her morning ritual, and she’s one of the most successful people on the planet.

10. Reading

Feeding your mind is always a good way to start the day. Barack Obama read The New York Times every morning he was in the White House. Model and TV personality Ashley Graham reads excerpts from her favorite quote book. Whatever you choose to read, make sure it leaves you feeling inspired.

Changing your life can be difficult, whether it is unlocking the power of incantations, altering your morning ritual or making other important and positive changes to an established routine. This is where a life coach is helpful. With the assistance of a life coach, your morning ritual can be efficiently mapped out with the insight of an experienced professional. Assistance – and accountability – can be your keys to establishing healthy habits to bring about positive changes to your day, and your life.

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