Meditation for business success

Owning or running a business can be very stressful. Between managing your day-to-day responsibilities and bearing ultimate responsibility for your business’ success, the stress can become overwhelming, impacting your health, quality of life and general feelings of well-being. You might begin to wonder: Will I ever accomplish my business goals? Will running my business ever get any easier? Am I even cut out to own a business?

The good news is that, instead of berating yourself or giving up entirely, you can learn to master your stress and develop your peak state. The way to accomplish this is through meditation, an age-old mind-body practice that brings calm and clarity independent of your circumstances. Tony Robbins advocates meditation for business success, since calm and clarity is exactly what you need to be a successful business owner. Learn to prime yourself for success, overcome your anxiety and get the business results you want.

Use meditation and the power of priming to achieve your business goals

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Meditation for business success: Does it work?

The theory and practice of meditation entails mental, emotional, spiritual and physical elements, with meditation working to bring those elements into harmony. But is meditation for business success effective? Let’s look at how meditation works.

The science of meditation

Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to ameliorate depression, high blood pressure, pain and anxiety, just to name a few. The science behind meditation points to the fact that meditation and mindfulness practices impact the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and amygdala, parts of the brain that control our memory, ability to learn new things, decision-making and fear response. As we build the practice of meditation into our lives, these parts of the brain become more effective, making us more courageous and less reactive to stressors. In fact, business owners and/or investors of highly prosperous companies, including Bridgewater Associates, and Union Square Ventures, reportedly use (and love) meditation for business success.

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Discovering your internal wisdom through meditation

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Byron Katie describes meditation as a method of inquiry to meet your internal wisdom. This description captures the spiritual component of meditation: Each of us has an inner core complete with all the understanding and self-compassion we need to stay peaceful and focused. Instead of being tossed about by our stress, when we meditate, we learn to simply observe our stressful thoughts. We learn to watch our thoughts float by without engaging them, like watching a piece of driftwood float along a river. By implementing this type of detachment, meditation allows us to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings without being controlled by them. We develop a deeper understanding of and love for ourselves, which we carry over into our self-care practices, personal relationships and business relationships.

Meditation for business success: How to do it

The first step in learning to meditate is priming. Priming helps you achieve optimal productivity by focusing your mind and body through mental and physical exercise. Priming aligns with meditation practices because, like meditation, priming hinges on focusing your mind on the present and visualizing the outcome you want, whether it is healing, professional growth, professional success or another goal. As you practice priming, you’ll become skillful at developing your optimal state.

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The science of priming underscores a central tenet of Tony Robbins’ philosophy, which is that our moods and experiences “prime” or influence our reactions. When we embrace an intentional approach to framing our experiences in a positive light, we begin to master our emotions and, in doing so, prime ourselves for productivity and focus throughout the day.

The concept and practice of priming is so effective that Tony Robbins has created an 8-step priming exercise to help jump-start your day. In just 10 minutes, you’ll learn to sit quietly, meditate on your breathing and cultivate a sense of focus and celebration. Just 10 minutes a day is all you need to begin learning meditation for business success!

Meditation and redefining happiness

What is happiness? Is it a feeling that results from our lives going as we want them to go, having everything we need with no challenges? If that is what constitutes happiness, there are likely very few happy people in the world!

Instead, we need to redefine happiness as that sense of inner peace and freedom that comes from learning to detach from external circumstances and attach, instead, to our inner life, over which we have full control. By practicing mindfulness and meditation, we learn to overcome barriers to happiness by cultivating our inner lives. We become more able to handle discomfort, which is a key component of being a successful business owner. Check out Tony Robbins’ podcast with Sage and Michael Singer, author of New York Times bestseller The Untethered Soul, to learn more about the role of mindfulness in breaking unhelpful patterns to find lasting happiness in life and work.

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