Platinum Adventure France and Monaco

Here’s all the departure day information in one place:
Breakfast is from 7AM to 10AM in the Cristal ballroom where breakfast was yesterday.

If you are departing today, you can get transportation to the airport. Please check your email for when we think you’re leaving.

Because of the extreme traffic situation, if your flight is at 7:00AM and after, you need to leave the Fairmont THREE HOURS before your flight departs.
(if your flight is before 7:00AM you need to leave 2 hours before your flight departs)

Please be in the lobby a little before THREE HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT so you can be sure not to miss your flight.

Any questions or changes, please write

Here are the departures that we know about.  If you are not on this list, please come to the Mistrau room in the morning to confirm your departure.