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May 6, 2020

How to take charge of your business

Overcome uncertainty with faith, creativity and self-belief

Business owners are a special breed – determined, resolved. The embodiment of self-reliance and self-determination. But it takes more than just these traits to be successful. There comes a point in time where every business owner must deal with uncertainty. Of course we experience uncertainty every day: We fly through the sky and speed down the roads in metal boxes. We get caught in the rain and hit traffic when we don’t expect it. But we don’t let these things stop us from living our lives – and neither can you let uncertainty stop you from learning how to take charge of your business, no matter what.

Tony Robbins has 54 businesses and actively manages 12, from technology companies to an MLS soccer team. He is not immune from uncertainty – but he does have faith. Faith that the human race will always adapt. Faith that living in fear is never the right choice. Faith that it is possible to turn obstacles into opportunities.

In this special bonus episode, you’ll learn how to take control of your business using the same strategies as Tony to defy the odds and emerge from challenges with certainty and strength. You’ll learn that you must:

  • Accept that there is no going back. Humpty Dumpty can’t be put back together again. Our habits are permanently changing. You need to accept it. Don’t be overly optimistic or pessimistic – be realistic.
  • Know your numbers. Profit is just a concept. Cash flow is what your business lives on. Just as you don’t want to be overly optimistic or pessimistic about the state of the world, be realistic about your cash flow.
  • Learn how to make tough decisions. Anyone can make easy decisions. Leaders are leaders because they can make tough decisions. The decisions when others look to someone else for what to do. Think critically. Ask questions. Take action. Adapt.
  • Ask for help. No one does it alone. Other leaders have been through this before. Talk to people who have succeeded through tough times and get a new perspective. Brainstorm solutions. Get a mentor.
  • Look at your own psychology. You can’t lead from a place of fear. Get your head right and find the good in the situation. Change your habits. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically.

Winter never lasts forever. What does last forever is what you learn during this time. Now is the time to be creative. Encourage innovation. Add more value to your clients so that when winter is over, they think of you first. And get yourself in a beautiful state so that you can come out stronger than ever.


[00:00] Bonus episode intro
[00:30] Tony’s introduction
[1:00] Car accidents
[1:30] Faith
[2:00] The alternative to not having faith
[2:30] Tony’s companies
[3:00] Being creative
[3:30] Overview
[4:00] Humpty Dumpty
[4:30] How do we adapt?
[5:00] Accountants
[5:30] A balance of optimism and pessimism
[6:00] Kill the monster while it’s little
[6:30] Making the tough decision
[7:00] Past tough times
[7:30] Skunk Works
[8:00] Tests
[8:30] Business Mastery example
[9:00] Getting in a beautiful state
[9:30] Body and mind are tied together
[10:00] Winter isn’t forever
[10:30] Latest podcast episode

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