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September 28, 2018

Transform stress into business success

How to turn your most stressful thoughts into fuel for success

Tony says that business is a sport for gladiators – it’s tough, and only the tough will survive. There is a whole different level of stress that comes with being a business owner. As a business owner, you must make decisions you never considered as an employee and with these decisions come new stresses to work through on your way to achieving the goals you set to create a successful business.

But stress is nothing more than the achiever’s word for “fear” – and facing that fear is what will set you apart and allow your business to thrive. To be successful in your business, and in life, you need to learn how to use fear instead of letting fear use you.

In this episode, listen as real-life Business Mastery attendees share the limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts that are blocking them from leveling up on their journey to business success.

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Tony coaches business leaders through these vulnerable moments. He listens and then instructs them to listen as well – coaching them through the process of truly hearing their own stressful thoughts, feeling them, working through them and turning them into fuel.

We all have limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts to deal with on a daily basis. Being a business owner is no exception.

So many of our limiting beliefs stem from childhood experiences or formative relationships. Take Travis, who shares that his fear of decision-making stems from his father’s refusal to accept failure as an option when he was growing up. Another attendee shares that she believes she will fail because English is her second language. She believes that she is being held back by the idea that she doesn’t communicate in English as well as she does in her native language.

As Tony says, these thoughts are ultimately just manifestations of our greatest fears – and they only have power if we believe them. These stressful thoughts hold us back from executing plans and stepping into the successful patterns that we are made for.

To achieve true success, we need to step out of our comfort zones, break through the unfounded limited beliefs and adopt the steadfast mindset and unshakeable state of a true leader.

This episode of the Tony Robbins podcast is part of a breakthrough series that offers an inside view of events like Date with Destiny, Unleash the Power Within and Business Mastery. Throughout this series, listeners will get to listen as Tony coaches event attendees to life-changing transformations.


[01:12] Episode Introduction
[02:40] You are not your thoughts
[02:55] Believing the thoughts is what hurts you
[03:15] Travis’s stressful thoughts
[03:45] All beliefs carry consequences
[04:50] Your thoughts aren’t unique
[05:20] Fear of failure
[06:05] The belief you won’t ever have freedom
[07:50] Confusing success with fears
[09:00] You will stress when you believe your thoughts
[09:15] Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure
[10:15] The strongest force is the need to stay consistent with your identity
[12:00] Unconscious self-sabotage
[14:00] When you do better than you expect
[14:50] You must shift your identity
[15:00] Decide: Who am I today?
[15:50] Who did he have to be for his father?
[17:30] Discovering where his fears come from
[18:40] Tapping into a different part of yourself
[20:15] Master your mind by questioning your thoughts
[21:25] Tony’s 90 second rule
[21:35] Turn to appreciation
[22:15] Worrying her business will be out of control
[23:00] Put a different person in charge within you
[23:30] We generalize who we are
[25:00] Hire slow, fire fast
[25:20] Tony’s original chokehold

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