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June 3, 2016

Create the next disruptive innovation

The story of how NEXTVR changed industries across the board

Every once in a while, a technological advance comes about that changes – disrupts – the path for every industry. Suddenly, the future looks very different thanks to one innovation. The story behind NextVR is one example of how a game-changing advance is always around the corner.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, Chairman of NextVR Brad Allen speaks about how NextVR anticipated an enormous opportunity in the marketplace and strategically innovated to meet consumers’ needs in a way that no one else ever has.

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The expansion of virtual reality

Orange County-based NextVR – the leader in live-action virtual reality broadcast technology – has developed a way to deliver live and on-demand virtual reality experiences to anyone with a smartphone and a VR device. Led by a team of passionate businessmen and software engineers, NextVR developed special cameras, along with processing and distribution systems, that will allow a massive amount of consumers to immerse themselves into environments that they would otherwise never dream of experiencing in reality.

Deals with Turner, NBA, MLB, the NFL and other major corporations mean that NextVR can offer once-in-a-lifetime sporting experiences to users – viewing an NFL game from the 50-yard line, getting up close and personal at a PGA Masters event, standing ring-side at a heavy-weight boxing match or cheering on the World Series from behind home plate. Virtual reality is poised to disrupt the entire athletics and entertainment industry as we know it and NextVR is providing a front-row seat.

Changing the face of business and education

Virtual reality will also change the way we do business. With the help of this technology, businesses will be able to help their clients and customers in ways they never thought possible. And its impacts are more far-reaching than the market – virtual reality also has the potential to change the face of education, offering exciting ways for students around the world to engage in hands-on with learning experiences.

How disruptive innovation is possible

All of this was made possible because a group of innovators refused to give up. They learned who to trust – themselves and each other – and pushed forward on an idea that many people didn’t think was possible. By achieving the seemingly impossible, their disruptive innovation has changed the way multiple industries function forever.

Their innovation did not go unnoticed. NextVR held over 40 patents in virtual reality technologies and was even named one of the Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company magazine in 2017. Since the recording of this podcast, NextVR has been acquired by Apple for approximately $100 million – a sure sign that this technology has the potential to change the world.

Brad Allen, Executive Chairman, NextVR

Brad Allen, Executive Chairman, NextVR


[02:00] The power of anticipation
[04:40] Pattern recognition and anticipation
[07:00] Tony’s reasons for becoming an owner of the LA Football Club
[08:20] Peter Guber introduces Tony to virtual reality
[10:55] Bringing more value to your customer’s experience
[12:15] Virtual reality will change the landscape of business
[14:00] NextVR is meeting customers’ needs like no one else has
[16:00] The potential of virtual reality in all industries
[18:40] NextVR and Executive Chairman, Brad Allen
[19:25] Why virtual reality is a game-changer
[20:50] How big will virtual reality become?
[22:00] The sports NextVR is bringing to virtual reality
[24:00] Social viewing abilities in virtual reality
[26:30] User-generated content via virtual reality
[27:40] New applications of virtual reality
[29:50] Small businesses and virtual reality
[32:55] What’s next on the horizon for NextVR
[35:30] User adoption rates and saturation levels
[39:00] The relationship between virtual reality and mobile

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