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  • One DVD interview with Tony Robbins
    and a New Money Master
  • One Action Book with a detailed
    summary of the interview, step-by-step
    breakdowns of each strategy, and
    summaries of the exercises for you to
    follow through
  • A unique article on a new strategy
    from each New Money Master
  • One Audio CD of the interview for your

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I remember saying…why can’t I be one of those people, and I just felt like Tony was telling you that you can, and I really I felt that. I felt that if those guys can do it, why the hell can’t I…and ten years later I am.

Dan Caldwell,

Owner of TapouT Clothing

Halfway through law school I realized that I was living my parents’ dream and not my own. After seeing an infomercial, I decided to give Tony Robbins a try. Right away I began implementing his goal-setting lessons and decided that I wanted to work in professional sports. I laid out my roadmap to achieve my goals and eventually landed my dream job with the top minor league baseball franchise in the country. My earning potential is now unlimited, and thanks to Tony, I’ve finally found my passion!

Augusto Rojas, Jr.,

General Sales Manager for the Pawtucket Red Sox, Barrington, Rhode Island

Reinvention. What a quintessential American idea. It’s the frontier spirit. It’s Ben Franklin. It’s Ralph Waldo Emerson, and by God, it’s Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey too. They all understand the American impetus and genius for wholesale self-reinvention. We survive by staring change in the eye, and adapting.

Tom Peters,

Business Management Expert

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Jeff Walker. Jeff’s an incredible guy.

He made more than $1 million in 24 hours and has helped many people create wealth in their lives, including a guy living on food stamps.

He’s also one of my personal advisors when it comes to doing business online. I bring him up because his inspiring story leads me to a question I want to ask you…

Are you completely satisfied with your financial health?

Do you have plenty of money right now to afford the lifestyle you want for your family or others indefinitely?

If so…


You can stop reading this and get back to living the dream.

If you want more stability, excitement or fulfillment than your current financial situation allows, then you’re going to find real benefit in “The New Money Masters,” a program I developed for transforming your life, finances and business.

This program is a monthly series of DVDs, CDs and booklets that I’m especially passionate about bringing to you.

In this program, I introduce you to a handful of people who came from humble beginnings, like I did, and went on to generate insane amounts of wealth while helping others along the way.

Watch as I sit down and personally interview all of them, extracting the PRECISE BLUEPRINT each has followed to achieve financial freedom that you can apply to your own life.

Now, let me make something really clear.

These guys are the real deal.

Like I mentioned, Jeff Walker made $1 million in 24 hours.

Another guy, Frank Kern, made $23 million in a day using four different promotions.

ALL of them have generated this kind of wealth many times over by just repeating their own formulas for success.

And they’re doing this NOW, despite the poor economy.

The New Money Masters is the only program out there featuring all of these industry titans and their success models in ONE PLACE.

And check this out…

I take all of what’s said in the interviews and distill it into bite-size chunks of information in the booklets.

It’s designed for you to apply their success formulas to your own life: Just listen to the audio CDs, watch the DVDs and then follow the steps outlined in the booklets.

Pretty straightforward, right?

It’s the only solution out there that shares concrete success steps of all these top money masters.

Golden information that can catapult you to the next level, fast. And, when effectively applied, can add another level of protection during a down economy.

So if you’re like me – 100% committed to evolving your self and business to their ultimate potential – it’s a no brainer.

Your business development collection of materials just isn’t complete without this series because it features the best of the best marketing minds for the new economy.

What’s great is you can apply the steps taught in The New Money Masters IMMEDIATELY.

Revisit the materials over time, especially when you start working on a new challenge.

Just apply the blueprint step by step to innovate how you add value to your customers and monetize it like never before.

Here’s a taste of the New Money Masters featured in this special series.

Frank Kern

Frank loves teaching folks how to make money without sacrificing the freedom to live life to the fullest. His revolutionary system, “Mass Control” shows people how to create income by instilling trust in their clients. These strategies have helped one of his companies alone make $23 MILLION in 24 HOURS.

From Frank, you will learn:

  • The state of mind in which people use the Internet,
    and how to use this information to attract clients.
  • How to communicate to our clients as if you were a
    friend, not another company selling stuff. And how
    this tactic can gain their trust and sales.
  • The genius behind offering bonuses even more
    enticing than your actual product.

Eben Pagan

Entrepreneur and marketing genius, Eben’s life work has focused on understanding people, psychology, behavior, marketing and business. Creator of the highly successful Double Your Dating Web site, Eben has built a multi-million-dollar company teaching people how to improve their businesses and personal lives.

From Eben, you will learn:

  • How to contribute more value to people’s lives by
    learning to dig the short end of the stick.
  • The power of selecting a niche and how to narrow
    your focus with three questions.
  • Five perspectives of business and how to apply
    them to your life and company to work more
    efficiently and effectively.

Mike Koenigs

Mike co-founded Digital Cafe, one of the first interactive multimedia agencies in the world in 1991. He served as producer, marketer and consultant for Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, 3M and General Mills. With a natural knack for turning technology and ideas into money, he’s credited for inventing the “Internet Infomercial,” and has created over 300 Web sites and more than 35 products.

From Mike, you will learn:

  • A 30-day traffic generation system that takes you
    from gathering info to closing the deal in six easy
  • The power of technology and how to use video to
    deliver and broadcast your message through the
    appropriate distribution channels.
  • How to convert educated prospects into paying
    customers by asking and answering questions using
    Mike’s 10x10x4 system.

John Reese

Internet marketing pioneer, John was actively marketing online before the World Wide Web was even available. He was the first person to break the barrier and make $1 MILLION in sales in 24 HOURS.

From John, you will learn:

  • The value of failure.
  • How to face your reality in order to change it.
  • The power of non-exclusive customers and how to
    partner with competitors.
  • How to create a hybrid sales page that appeals to a
    larger audience.

Dean Jackson

Real estate coach and Internet marketer, Dean has spent his career applying innovative strategies on achieving success to different industries and markets, simply by replicating his original formula.

From Dean, you will learn:

  • How to create the ultimate lifestyle and define
    success for yourself using the Freedom Matrix.
  • How to understand your clients’ needs in three
    natural phases and address them throughout your
  • The value of tapping into momentum markets and
    how to identify each type and their potential to
    your business.

Jeff Walker

Starting from nothing in 1992, Jeff has made more than $1 million in one day. He’s helped many people create wealth, including a man on food stamps. His strategies have been used by six of the most successful product launches in the Internet marketing industry.

As always, it’s important to me that you always experience real, lasting value with my products and services – The New Money Masters is no exception.

So I’ve made ordering this series 100% RISK-FREE.

If you receive the first set of materials and decide The New Money Masters isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within the first 30 days.

You walk away without paying a dime and can even keep the CD/DVD and booklet for FREE.

That’s how sure I am you’re going to like this series and experience your own breakthrough.

The New Money Masters program costs $67 per month.

Start receiving the series right away by ordering it now. Just click the link below to input your payment information.

Live Strong and Live with Passion,
Tony Robbins

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