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Identifying personal strengths

When you know your strengths, you’re able to leverage them for success

Posted by: Team Tony

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nation’s number one Life and Business Strategist. He is the founder or partner in more than 30 companies in various industries, which have combined annual sales of $5 billion. He has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World,” and by American Express as one of the “Top Six Business Leaders in the World” to coach its entrepreneurial clients. How did Tony achieve this level of success? By identifying personal strengths – in himself and his clients. When you know how to identify your strengths, you’re able to identify areas of growth while also empowering others. From there, you’re able to create a master strategy for taking control of your life and career. 

Identifying personal strengths is critical for business success

Through running his own companies and working with the top minds in business, Tony discovered that there are three unique gifts each person brings to business. Identifying personal strengths – which set of skills apply to you – can be determined by a straightforward job personality test. When you understand where your strengths lie, you can better harness them at work and grow your skills as a leader. Tony Robbins believes that by understanding what drives you, and knowing in what capacity you can unleash your career personality, you become better able to find fulfillment in your career. Identifying strengths will be the ultimate advantage to growing in your career, and by knowing your career personality, you’ll be able to find complete fulfillment in your work.

Identifying strengths using a career personality test

 Career personality tests are extremely effective at identifying strengths in any industry. To learn how to identify your strengths, ask yourself which of the following categories resonate the most. 


If you’re an artist by nature, you’ll find yourself identifying strengths related to creativity and inspiring others. You have an extraordinary talent or skill, which is your primary focus. You love to design and create products and experiences of enormous, unparalleled value. You experience the greatest rewards from igniting people’s lives with what you’ve dreamed and done: your product, service or innovative idea. 

Manager / leader

If you’re a natural-born leader, you’ll begin identifying personal strengths related to managing others and inspiring them to action. Just as important, you enjoy the management role. You are ignited by leading people and managing processes. You love to figure out how to make systems work better, make them more efficient and more effective. You may even view business as a living structure, to be kept well-oiled and growing and expanding through your oversight and direction. This lights you up because you’re so good at it!


True entrepreneurs find themselves identifying personal strengths related to goal attainment. You are happy to take substantial risks to get what you want and are able to bounce back from failure. You’re constantly scouting for opportunities and talent. You know how to use your need for uncertainty and chance to make a fortune and win in every situation.

Learn how to identify your strengths 

Taking stock of yourself and your strengths will elevate your entire life. Employ the following strategies for identifying personal strengths:

1. Prioritize your passions

When you’re identifying personal strengths, put your passions at the top of your list. Think of this as your wish list – the skills you’d put to use everyday in your dream life. If you love writing, what would your ideal day look like? To put your plan into motion, look for writing-intensive opportunities at your current job. Identifying strengths becomes a tool in your box for fulfilling your dreams.

2. Seek out activities that feel effortless

Learning how to identify your strengths does not mean getting lost in your dreams for the future. You can discover strengths right here, right now by finding parts of your day-to-day routine that feel effortless. Think about your work and home life. When do you feel joyful and content? What activities are you doing when you feel that way? These moments point to skills that are natural for you. By developing them, you get closer to identifying personal strengths that will elevate your life.

3. Ask for other people’s input

Self-perception can be deceptive, so ask for other people’s input on what your strengths are. Your peers, colleagues and loved ones are a gold mine when it comes to identifying personal strengths you might be unaware of. Ask yourself how their feedback points to skills that elevate your career. If your coworkers appreciate your honesty, realize that this is a valuable skill for client interactions. Since honesty increases others’ trust, it is key to building your brand. Employ this process for every strength you have and you’ll build your self-confidence

4. Be specific

When you start out identifying personal strengths, you’ll probably come up with fairly general skills, like being a “people person.” Drill down into this list of broad skills to find your own unique specialization. What makes you a people person – your natural empathy, ability to create connections or capacity for fostering leadership in others? When you get specific, you’re able to hone in on new career ideas you may not have considered before.

Now is the time to begin identifying personal strengths that will propel your career forward. Take our complimentary career personality test and find out which of these three personality types you align with most. Once you know how to classify your professional behavior, you can better leverage your skills to achieve the highest level of success in your field.

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