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Overcoming the fear of failure

How one business owner turned her loss into success

Posted by: Team Tony

When you are an achiever, your greatest fear is failure. Failure is the ultimate loss – creating unbearable pain and suffering.

Maybe you found success quickly and have now found yourself barely hanging on, unsure of where to go next. In these moments, we blame ourselves believed that because of this failure, we have failed too.

This was the internal struggle for Karla Vargas, a business owner of 10 years prior to attending Business Mastery. Her first business found rapid success but after three years, competition, a changing market and internal strife started to arise. Her once flourishing business was now a source of pain.

In that moment of frustration, she created a new business as an outlet and she saw it thrive. However, the success of her new company didn’t erase the pain of her failing first company. She came to Business Mastery needing to move past the pain and illusion of loss.

Tony helped Karla detach the identity of her business from her personal identify allowing her to overcome her fear of failure and open herself up to endless new opportunities.

Our limiting beliefs are what cause suffering. When we stop focusing on them, we are able to see through the fog and find our next move. Our pain lives in our heart, which is influenced by our head. When we are focus on changing the negative energy consuming us, our hearts will change too. Once Karla realized that her business not succeeding didn’t mean she was a failure, she was able to find a new path — a new opportunity for success.

For the first time in six years, Karla was able to find peace with herself and with her business. She knew that if she was okay, if she continued to be driven by her hunger, she would achieve at anything in her future.

In these moments of loss, our actions matter more than in our moments of triumph. Most people don’t believe in themselves despite of the disappointments. This is what separates the achievers — people like Karla who will stop at nothing to reach their dreams — from everyone else.


Your business cannot wait another year - join Tony Live at Business Mastery