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Overcoming the fear of failure

How one business owner turned her loss into success

Posted by: Team Tony

If you’re a high achiever, one of your greatest fears is failure. It’s the ultimate loss, leading to doubt, pain and self-doubt.

Maybe you found success quickly and are now barely hanging on, unsure of where to go next. Maybe you worked for years to gain success and are now watching it slip away. In these moments, we often blame ourselves. We believe that because of this failure, we have failed too.

Karla Vargas faced this internal struggle. After an initial three years of success, the business she had built struggled with competition, a rapidly changing market and internal tensions. Devoting more and more time to solving these problems proved a drain on Karla: Her company became a source of pain.

In that moment of frustration, she created a new business to act as an outlet. She was immediately successful, but that achievement did little to ease her grief over what became of her first company. Karla needed to learn when it was time to stop and how to move past the pain and loss. She booked a trip to Business Mastery.

Tony showed Karla that she had combined her own identity with that of her business, and her doubt about committing to the new business was a reflection of her fear of failure. He helped her detach the identity of her business from her personal identity, allowing her to open herself up to endless new opportunities.

Suffering is caused by our limiting beliefs. These beliefs, which can tie in to how you think and talk about yourself, can stop us from achieving and exacerbate our fears. We may even find ourselves paralyzed, unable to make a decision or move on from a situation. In Karla’s case, her first business had become so deeply rooted inside her psyche that she viewed it as an extension of herself. Its troubles became her troubles.   

When you stop focusing on limiting beliefs, you can see through the fog and find your next move. Pain lives in our heart, which is influenced by our head. As soon as we focus our mind on shifting the negativity that is eating away at us, our hearts will follow suit. Once Karla realized that the failure of her business didn’t make her a failure, she was able to forge a new path toward opportunity.

For the first time in six years, Karla was able to find peace with herself and with her business. So long as she let her hunger drive her, she could achieve anything she put her mind to.

In these moments of loss, our actions matter more than in our moments of triumph. Most people don’t believe in themselves and persuade themselves to turn away from their goals after a disappointment. This is what separates the achievers – people like Karla who will stop at nothing to reach their dreams – from everyone else.

The fear of failure doesn’t have to limit you. Learn how to overcome it and take charge of your career and success at Business Mastery.

Take your business to unreached heights at Business Mastery