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Author and marketing expert Drew Neisser on adding value for your customers

How do you capture the limited attention of your clients through marketing when they are constantly being bombarded with advertising? How do you compete with corporations that have seemingly unlimited resources? Through world-class marketing.

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In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you will hear from Drew Neisser – author of The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing, and Founder and CEO of the NYC-based social media and marketing agency Renegade as he discusses his top small business tips and advice. Drew shares how businesses can create value-added marketing and use that to keep their customers happy while engaging with them on a new level.

Adding more value than anyone else 

Whether you run a startup or small business, marketing is one of the most essential keys to growth. Marketing small business tips are everywhere, but it all begins with creating a unique selling proposition. We call this value-added marketing. You’re literally adding value to your customer’s lives. You do something. You teach them something. You give them something valuable that costs them nothing, then they look to you as the expert, and want you to supply them with more information, more experience, more products. These are your raving fan customers.

How do you know what your customers value? One of Drew’s top small business marketing tips is to ask them. He says, “Small businesses have an opportunity every day to talk to their customers, and so often miss that opportunity because they’re so concerned about serving the next one.” Still, not every customer is a good customer. You want to talk to your best customers. Find out what they love about you and work it into your marketing strategy. 

More small business tips and advice

Small business owners don’t just need to talk to their customers – they need to talk to each other. In fact, Drew says one of the top things for small business owners to do is network. “There isn’t a challenge you’re facing that someone else hasn’t already faced,” he says. So make the time to talk to people. Ask them what they’re doing, what tools they are using and what problems they have recently solved. That’s how you’ll find small business opportunities. That’s how you’ll succeed.

Another key skill set for business owners? Social media. Not having a social strategy is one of the most common mistakes Drew sees businesses make. You don’t just need to be there. You need a plan. You need to bring your unique selling proposition to life with your passion. And you need to find those raving fan customers and celebrate them. 

Ultimately, world-class marketing means that you “give, give, give, get.” You have to add value before you can expect a return. To add that value, you need to know what makes you unique. You need to tap into your own passion and that of your customers. And you need to communicate. Listen to the podcast to hear more small business tips and advice, including which media channels to focus on and how to become a master of influence.

Drew Neisser, Founder & CEO, Renegade

Drew Neisser, Founder & CEO, Renegade


[2:22] Characteristics senior marketers have in common
[7:24] Marketing strategies for small business owners
[9:00] What makes you unique?
[11:35] Tactics for discovering your company’s values
[13:28] How much is a customer worth to you?
[15:28] What skill sets are essential to small business owners?
[18:54] Common mistakes small business owners make and how they can be avoided
[22:01] New media channels or business owners to focus on
[25:24] What does ‘marketing as service’ mean?
[29:02] What distinguishes successful marketing
[31:11] The art and science of marketing

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