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The real life story of an Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur’s fight to escape ‘normal’ employment

Posted by: Team Tony

“Whatever you enjoy the most, you’ll do the most.” –Tony Robbins

We can discipline ourselves, training our minds and bodies to grow and be strengthened in areas where we’re weak — but we are always going to gravitate toward what truly ignites us. Many people struggle with finding the balance between passion and profitability, but you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. If you want to truly love what you do every day, the life of an entrepreneur may be for you.

Have entrepreneur stories sparked you to embark on your own independent career? Congratulations! You’ve made a clear distinction of what you want and are likely expressing a true gift for innovation. You now belong to an exclusive group of people who hold this key information to leading yourself and your business to a new level.

Realizing that you want to pursue your own business has the power to unleash you from the restraints of the regular nine-to-five and propel you to your destiny. It’s a big claim, but it’s the truth. There is a driving force that you naturally return to in your life and in your business – this is what the life of an entrepreneur is all about. Take a second and think about what you would risk everything to create in your life. When you align this driving force with your dynamic nature in business, you can unlock an extraordinary life and win big on your own terms.

What characterizes the best innovators and leads them to create great entrepreneur stories? It’s almost always a combination of three traits: hunger, dedication and drive. These traits not only enable you to master meaning, but also help you create innovative products or services that can serve as industry disruptors.

Not sure if you fall into this category? Reading real-life entrepreneur stories like Bianca’s can help you figure it out.

Bianca’s story

When it comes to entrepreneur stories, there are few as powerful as Bianca Lily’s. Bianca learned in high school that there is a predetermined path that people were meant to take: First university, then a lifetime of working diligently for one company until you retire at age 65. Fortunately, Bianca listened to a cassette tape of a man named Tony Robbins and she decided she was going to break the chains of convention and surge onto the battlefield of business and follow her own path.

However, even positive shifts are driven by the meanings we ascribe to them. From that day forward Bianca defiantly classified herself as “unemployable” because she “never wanted to do a Monday to Friday, nine-to-five thing.” She cannot even remember the number of jobs she held in her early adult life, always hungry for something that would finally fulfill her ambitions.

Finding her way

She became self-employed as a personal trainer, driven by a desire to help people discover how to live healthy lifestyles. But as many great entrepreneur stories go, Bianca soon realized she had not yet discovered her passion and was a slave to her work. She felt trapped once again.

On her quest to find fulfillment, Bianca left her job and began traveling the world with her husband, looking for an opportunity that would blend her passion with profitability. After achieving a certain amount of success in network marketing, Bianca attended Business Mastery, seeking to create massive, unparalleled growth within her business.

As most entrepreneur stories go, Bianca’s life changed with a rude awakening. “I realized I wasn’t a business owner or operator. I thought I had a business, but I can’t sell it. I don’t own the business that I’m a network marketer for. What I have is a residual income that is going to allow me to do something greater.”

Bianca learned that she craved the life of an entrepreneur. She realized that she is always looking for that spark in people – that vision that lights a person up and compels them to take action immediately. It was the entrepreneur’s true gift of constantly scouting talent and cultivating potential that truly brought her joy.

Discovering what it means to be an entrepreneur

Before she attended Business Mastery, Bianca was frustrating herself because she was operating as a manager in her network marketing business. She didn’t have the freedom that she thought she had found and knew she wasn’t living one of the entrepreneur stories that had inspired her early in her career. She was wearing an identity that didn’t fit.

Through Business Mastery, Bianca learned that risk and reward were her fuel and the ignition always propelling her toward new opportunities to create and succeed on a grander scale. To truly live the life of an entrepreneur, she needed to step away from the manager role and put her focus on where she wanted her energy to flow – inspiring others.

Now that she understands her true nature, Bianca will never stop taking risks and she will never stop seeking and cultivating talent. Bianca is now creating one of the great entrepreneur stories.

Change your path and experience true freedom by attending Business Mastery. Learn how to live the life of an entrepreneur and create a story that will inspire others.

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