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Posted by: Team Tony

Did you know that 96% of all companies fail over a ten-year period? And that 40-50% of all first marriages in the United States end in divorce? Why? The reason is the same for both –– they stop marketing and innovating.

Consider this. In business, companies use marketing in order to get potential clients to want to do business with them. Likewise, they use innovation to find a way to meet the needs of the customer better than anyone else. In relationships, it’s the same.

You must continuously market and innovate with your partner.

When we first start dating someone, we put our best face forward to capture our partner’s attention. We are careful not to let our bad moods affect them. We don’t fight with them over small things. We are constantly searching for ways to make them happy and meet their needs.

But then we get comfortable, and when we get comfortable, we get lazy.

If you want your relationship to be extraordinary, you must spend each day treating it like it’s new. If you do what you did in the beginning of the relationship there won’t be an end.

Extraordinary, loving, intimate relationships don’t die for lack of love; they die from lack of intimacy. If you continue to market yourself and to innovate to meet your partner’s needs, you’ll avoid losing that precious connection that you fought so hard to obtain.

Here’s what Tony has to say:

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Create the relationship you've always imagined at date with destiny