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Date With Destiny

Problems are Gifts

Posted by: Team Tony

So many of us have been hurt by someone we loved. Someone we trusted. Someone who was supposed to protect us. Then we blame them for everything bad that happens after they’ve hurt us.

What if we started thanking them for all the good? What if we looked at every struggle as a chance to find our magic? A chance to make our life extraordinary?

At the age of 23, Siri Lindley was disowned by her father after coming out as gay. For decades, she blamed him for everything bad that went on in her life. At Date with Destiny, Tony helped her reevaluate her relationship with her father and see the gifts her struggle has brought her.

Through this event, Tony reminded Siri that the people who hurt us, shape our whole future. If we’re going to blame them for all the bad things that happen, we have to blame them for the good too.

Siri realized her drive, her determination, her willingness to fight to be all she could be was because of her father. It was her struggle that made her who she was – the good and bad. It was what made her extraordinary.

“You have to come here. You have to – it’ll change your life! And, even if you think you don’t need it, you arrive and you need it!”

Watch the video below to watch here more of Siri’s breakthrough 

Change your story to serve your future at Date with Destiny