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Unleash the Power Within

Becoming your authentic self

How Unleash the Power Within can help you live a more fulfilling life

Posted by: Team Tony

From the outside, Christian Piuma’s life looked incredible to anyone who knew him. Christian was working at a successful company and was surrounded by friends, but to Christian, his life was anything but fulfilling. Christian felt as though he was living a double life. By day, he appeared to others as a hardworking, social person, but in reality, he was turning to dangerous substances and toxic relationships to distract him from the constant state of suffering he was in.

Looking for some type of release from the cycle of unhappiness he was experiencing, Christian attended an Unleash the Power Within event and found the answers he was looking for.

A breakthrough moment

In terms of what it meant to live an “extraordinary life,” Christian had previously thought that he had to work around the clock and chase a feeling of significance through his company. He was seeking validation from others and craved praise for his work ethic, even though this hadn’t created long-term happiness for him in the past.

After attending Unleash the Power Within, his perspective changed. “Defining an extraordinary life was the biggest breakthrough. I now define that as the freedom of time, place and company,” he said.

He realized that his current actions wouldn’t lead him to the extraordinary life he envisioned. Christian wasn’t taking care of his body, but he made major health changes after attending UPW. He became vegan and cut down on harmful substances to better align himself with his goals.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs

Christian wasn’t able to change his habits on his own. By attending the powerful three-and-a-half-day event, he could look at his situation more objectively. He identified the limiting beliefs and behaviors that were preventing him from reaching his full potential. Christian left Unleash the Power Within with not only a new set of proven strategies to help him change his behavior, but with the support of people who attended the event who also wanted to watch him succeed.

Continuing the work

Since first attending UPW, Christian has attended numerous other Tony Robbins events. “The first one was a game changer for me, in terms of what I wanted to do in life. Now, it’s making those continual tweaks. I attend three or four events per year and I’m always investing in myself and I’m seeing the impact across my entire life: emotionally, relationship-wise, financially, in my career, physically – I’m just in a much more pleasant, fulfilled state,” said Christian on his experience.

He left the company that was no longer helping him grow, financially or personally, and founded his own consulting business based out of Tokyo. He moved his home life to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and established a life coaching practice that aims to help others find the same clarity he experienced after attending UPW. By addressing the issues in his own life, he was able to help those around him who were suffering as well.

Unleash the Power Within challenges attendees, like Christian, to think about what they really want from life. Are you pursuing what you really want out of life? This transformative event will cause you to identify and strip away harmful limiting beliefs and encourage you to start living life authentically. For more information about the extraordinary event or how to take control of your life, read more about Unleash the Power Within.

Pursue what you truly desire in life at Unleash the Power Within