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How to be your authentic self

One man’s journey to living authentically – and how you can, too

Posted by: Team Tony

Have you ever felt like you’re living someone else’s life? That you need to take a step back from others’ expectations and really be your authentic self?

Christian Piuma has. From the outside, his life looked incredible to anyone who knew him. He worked at a successful company and was surrounded by friends, but in his eyes, his life was anything but fulfilling. Christian felt as though he was living a double life. By day, he appeared to others as a hardworking, social person, but in reality, he was turning to dangerous substances and toxic relationships to distract him from the constant feeling that something was wrong – that this life he lived was not representative of his authentic self.

Looking for some type of release from the cycle of unhappiness he was experiencing, Christian attended an Unleash the Power Within event and found the answers he was looking for. UPW addresses how to be your authentic self from day one, which helped Christian uncover the real reasons he was living a lie.

The desire to be your authentic self

Christian previously thought that living an “extraordinary life” meant that he had to work around the clock – and that significance, if he found it, would come through his current job. He sought validation from others and craved praise for his work ethic, even though this hadn’t created long-term happiness for him in the past. Yes, he was making money and checking all the boxes our society usually requires for us to consider ourselves successful, but to Christian, it felt like going through the motions.

To be your authentic self, you must locate your north star – your true purpose – and either incorporate it into your life or work toward it. Too often we don’t realize what we truly want or we have trouble defining exactly what our motive is and what is missing from our lives. We end up adrift, spiraling, often turning to vices or becoming numb to everything around us.

A breakthrough moment

Christian knew he could not go on like this forever. After attending Unleash the Power Within, his perspective changed. UPW shows you how to be your authentic self by focusing on what you want, not others. He created a mental image of what his extraordinary life would look like. Christian hailed that process as his breakthrough moment: “I now define an extraordinary life as the freedom of time, place and company,” he said.

Once Christian realized what he wanted, he could create a pathway to it. His current actions wouldn’t lead him to the extraordinary life he envisioned; he wasn’t taking care of his body, and the time he spent at his job took away from what he really wanted to do: help others shift into the lives they wanted. UPW inspired him to make some major health changes. He became vegan and cut down on harmful substances to better align himself with his goals.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs

Christian wasn’t able to change his habits on his own. Attending the powerful three-and-a-half-day event helped him look at his situation more objectively. He identified the limiting beliefs and behaviors that were preventing him from reaching his full potential: He was not an owner, that he couldn’t create financial abundance and that he needed medication to be happy.

Christian learned that to be your authentic self, you need to change the way you think about yourself. He left Unleash the Power Within with not only a new set of proven strategies to help him change his behavior, but with the support of people who attended the event who also wanted to watch him succeed.

Continuing the work

Since first attending UPW, Christian has attended numerous other Tony Robbins events. “The first one was a game changer for me, in terms of what I wanted to do in life. Now, it’s making those continual tweaks. I attend three or four events per year and I’m always investing in myself and I’m seeing the impact across my entire life: emotionally, relationship-wise, financially, in my career, physically – I’m just in a much more pleasant, fulfilled state,” said Christian on his experience.

For Christian, living an authentic life meant departing the company that was no longer helping him grow financially or personally. He founded his own consulting business based out of Tokyo, then moved his home life to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Inspired by Tony and the change he experienced, Christian established a life coaching practice that aims to help others find the same clarity he found after attending UPW.

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How to be your authentic self

Christian addressed the issues in his own life at UPW. Then he was able to help those around him who wanted to live an authentic life. You can use these seven practices to be your authentic self, too.

1. Journal

Journaling helps us organize our thoughts and dig deeper into who we really are. Discover how to be your authentic self by recording the way your experiences make you feel.

2. Meditate

Meditation is proven to reduce stress and regulate mood among other benefits. A guided meditation intended to reveal your inner thoughts and feelings could show you how to be your authentic self.

3. Visualize

What would your ideal life look like? Take time each day to visualize that in your mind. What are you doing? How do you feel? Visualization is a powerful method to prime yourself for success.

4. Examine your beliefs

Our beliefs create our world, but that isn’t always a good thing. At UPW, you’ll examine your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones that help you discover how to be your authentic self.

5. Discover your strongest human need

The Six Human Needs drive every decision we make. If significance, connection or certainty top your list, you may have more trouble being your authentic self. Take the Driving Force Quiz to find out your top need.

6. Reconnect with friends and family

Your close friends and family likely know you better than anyone else. Be willing to be vulnerable and talk to them. You’ll improve your self-awareness and learn more about how to be your authentic self.

7. Practice honesty

We all want to be honest – but we also want to fit in. Practicing honesty consistently can be challenging, but by refusing to hide your real opinions and needs, you’ll be your authentic self every day.

Unleash the Power Within challenges attendees, like Christian, to think about what they really want. Are you pursuing an authentic life? This transformative event will help you identify and strip away harmful limiting beliefs and encourage you to be your authentic self. Curious to find out how Unleash the Power Within can take your life to the next level? Find out more about this life-changing event and book your ticket to an upcoming program today.

Pursue what you truly desire in life at Unleash the Power Within