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Stop playing relationship roulette

6 triggers to anticipate in your relationship

Posted by: Team Tony

One of the most important things in life is love. When you’re in an intimate, passionate, connected relationship and you anticipate your partner’s needs, it’s an experience of pure ecstasy and joy — but it’s an experience that many people never get to enjoy. How is it that so many people are looking for love, but are unable to build lasting, meaningful romantic relationships?

There are several reasons why relationships fail, but pretending that the success of your relationship is outside of your control will never be the answer. Are you caught up in playing relationship roulette? Are you hoping for the best but leaving the success of your relationship up to chance? You have to take control of your union and make it the loving, happy connection you want it to be.

Once you know more about the reasons why relationships fail and understand helpful strategies to create joy in your relationship, you can work to develop a sustainable, passionate connection with your partner. There are some powerful statistics out there regarding the success and failures of relationships. Did you know the divorce rate for first marriages is 41-51%? Are you aware of the top three causes of marriage failure? Read on to discover more about what causes relationships to break down and how you can save yours.

What brings people together? Why do relationships fail? A couple that was deeply, passionately in love can find themselves feeling alone, trapped and misunderstood within the matter of just a few years. Why is that, for some, romantic relationships are synonymous with a loss of freedom and passion? What if instead of looking at the individual liberties lost during a relationship, you focused on all the things you’re gaining by being with your partner?

To create a happy, long-lasting relationship, you have to not only appreciate the good times, but work through the bad times, too. Relationship issues are different for every couple, but there are six stressors in a relationship that can create tremendous uncertainty and conflict:

1. Competing priorities
2. Stress, demands and expectations
3. Failure to meet core timelines
4. Physical fluctuations
5. Loss/inner conflict
6. Language that triggers emotions and meanings from the past

When you gain clarity about these triggers and the needs of your partner, you can start working to reignite the spark and the passion that your relationship used to have. Read more about the six relationship triggers below.

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No relationship is perfect. Every couple has ups and downs, but when you’re truly ready to commit to your partner, there are strategies to help you make your relationship the strongest it can be. At Unleash the Power Within, you’ll assess the current state of your relationship and identify what’s causing it to feel stagnant. Then, you’ll learn effective ways to put the spark back in your relationship.

Whether you attend alone or with your partner, you’ll learn about the power of polarity and how it affects your relationship. The multi-day event will make you recognize that something as important as your romantic relationship shouldn’t be left to chance, like a game of roulette. Your actions within your relationship should be thoughtful and intentional to ensure your relationship is a healthy, joyful one. Identify what you want from a romantic partner and learn how to create a loving, passionate relationship at Unleash the Power Within.

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