Recruit a Tony Robbins Trainer to build a winning team for your business

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Tony’s strategies for employee training

Use the training effect to create an employee training plan

Posted by: Team Tony

As a business owner, your success is intertwined with your employees. If your employees aren’t motivated to work harder, smarter and more efficient, your business will suffer. This is why employee training is so critical.

New employees often start with massive momentum, creating results in little time. They are eager to learn, eager to contribute and eager to be a part of the team. Everything they do feels like continuous improvement. But eventually, they hit a plateau. They aren’t growing. They aren’t reaching that next level.

How can you create an employee training plan that will help you train employees to overcome these setbacks and see incredible results?

In three simple steps, The Training Effect can help any business owner ignite the winning fire in their employees.

Step 1: Continuous Immersion

The first step is continuous immersion. When an employee first starts, you spend a lot of time training them in your processes, but what happens after? Are you regularly immersing them in new strategies that will not only help them grow, but your business as well? Are you identifying their weaknesses and giving them the proper training to turn them into strengths?

Don’t let your employees’ training stop once they are no longer considered new. The best employees are the ones who are regularly improving their skill set.

Step 2: Coaching

The second step of The Training Effect is quality coaching. It’s not enough to create an employee training plan and never check in again. Schedule regular meetings with employees to discuss their progress and identify future areas of growth. When you’re having open and honest conversations with your employees, they’ll know what you expect from them and in return, they’ll continue to work harder. Give them reasons to grow within the company – your business will thrive as a result.

Step 3: Consistent Spaced Repetition

The final step is what will ensure lasting success – consistent spaced repetition. Mastery isn’t linear. No matter what, your employee will likely still reach plateaus, but as long as you continue to implement and repeat the first two steps, these plateaus will turn into launching pads for their next level. With any training, the more you repeat something, the better you get. With regular immersion and training, your employees will work harder, smarter and be more fired up to achieve success.

Tony Robbins’ Training Effect works in every area of your life, it’s the key to never-ending improvement. For any business, implementing this in your employee training plan will help you create employees who are equally committed to your business’s success.

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Recruit a Tony Robbins Trainer to build a winning team for your business