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Unleash the Power Within

Success doesn’t have to be a secret

How UPW helped Brian LoVetere unleash his inner power

Posted by: Team Tony

How many times have you wondered how successful people got where they are today? “What is the secret of success?” Is such a common question, it’s almost become a cliché. But the answers are simple – and they don’t have to be a secret.

Anyone can learn to be successful. Just ask Brian LoVetere. Before attending Unleash the Power Within, he experienced so many negative events in a short time, including his father’s death and a divorce, that he felt like giving up. But Brian didn’t let his negative experiences become his story. He attended UPW, and took the first step to success.

A challenging beginning

Brian said, “I can describe a lot of things about my life and growing up that were very hard. I lived in a house at 12 years old without gas or electric utilities, I wasn’t able to finish high school and my brother introduced me to drugs and alcohol after our other brother had just passed away from an overdose.”

Although he didn’t start life with many advantages, Brian knew he could work hard and succeed. He credits his parents for his strong work ethic. He hadn’t yet discovered Tony Robbins, but he was on to one of the secrets of success in life: “A little focus and a strong work ethic can make anything happen,” as Tony says.

Success is not a straight line

“At 30 I found myself in a bad situation professionally and financially where I lost all of my savings,” said Brian. “My boss even ended up going to federal prison. And, in my personal life, things were becoming even worse – my dad was dying of lung cancer just as I was going through the worst part of my marriage. He passed away while I went through my divorce.”

Brian discovered, in dramatic fashion, another of Tony’s philosophies: There’s no such thing as a straight line to success. “I don’t know anybody who’s been successful in life and business who hasn’t been devastated multiple times,” says Tony. “The only difference is they get back up immediately.”

Brian got back up and attended Unleash the Power Within. “Before I went to UPW, the general state of my life was stressful and worrisome. After losing my dad, losing what I built financially through my divorce and bad business decisions, it felt absolutely impossible to get back to where I wanted to be in life.” But it wasn’t impossible. Brian just needed the right tools and strategies to turn his setbacks into successes.

The first step to success

“UPW was a life-changing event for me,” Brian said. “I was so energized by Tony Robbins and going through all the activities and experiences I realized something very important – I’ve always figured things out and have kept moving forward in life. I’d worried about my job, money and what others thought about me, but being at UPW I learned to focus on trusting myself and to figure things out as challenges come up.”

Everyone holds different limiting beliefs. Some people believe that they are not good enough; others crave acceptance and believe they cannot find happiness without the approval of others. Brian had allowed his negative experiences in business and relationships to become a part of his story: He lost trust in his ability to make good decisions. His confidence was at an all-time low. But things were about to get better.

“The moment I walked across that fire, I knew there wasn’t anything in this world I couldn’t accomplish or do in life,” said Brian. “I felt like I could conquer the world and haven’t looked back since. I stepped up and worked as hard and smart as I could, deciding to let nothing get in my way while taking control of my life.”

What is the secret of success?

The secret of success in life involves a few things you might expect – hard work, hunger, discipline – and a few you might not. Breaking down your limiting beliefs is an important first step to success. Improve your interpersonal skills by changing the way you speak to others, and learn to expect success by changing your self-talk. Focus on cultivating positive emotions and adjust your mindset, which will help you find success not just in business, but also in your relationships and in life.

Brian certainly discovered the power of positive thinking at that UPW event: “That was just over three years ago and I’ve been energized ever since. I’ve changed the way I live my life, a sunrise-to-sunset difference in how I look at things now. I not only got back to where I was financially, I have been able to double it. I’m interacting with people in a new way and setting goals I never would have imagined possible before. I cannot even believe where I am in life today compared to where I was before UPW. It was an amazing game-changer for me. I’m now a co-owner in my own business and I’m stepping it up to see how far I can go!”

Take Brian’s experience: The secret of success isn’t a secret at all. It’s been within you all along – you just need to unleash it. Unleash the Power Within will inspire you to do just that. Tony will teach you to master the mindset of champions, so you can rise above any challenge. Once you’ve learned to overcome your limiting beliefs at the event, you’ll realize the sky is your limit!

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