Mastering the gift of emotion

Mastering the gift of emotion

The gift of emotion is sacred. Love, joy, sadness, gratitude: emotions are what makes us human. They are an invisible force that impacts your life more than anything else. They start wars and create peace. They’re the cause of our greatest pleasure and our greatest pain. Emotions run the world – and you can learn how to harness them in order to live in a consistently beautiful state.

Your mind creates meanings for everything that’s happening in your life. Whether that meaning is true or not, it sets the emotional tone of your experience and the feelings you generate. But you are in control of the meanings you assign to your experiences. You have a conscious choice of how you want to respond to everything that happens in your life.

This ability to use emotions to enhance your experience of life is your true emotional gift.

“The most powerful force on Earth is human emotion, consciously directed.”

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Tony Robbins

How you use the gift of emotion is up to you.

What are you going to focus on? What meanings will you choose to give your experiences?

What are emotional gifts?

Emotions are a gift because they exist to tell us something. They point out the parts of our lives that need attention. These emotional gifts can help us fix what is wrong and find fulfillment in life – if we know how to listen.

Our culture often tells us that certain emotions are frowned upon and must be suppressed. But suppressing emotions isn’t the same as mastering them. Mastering the gift of emotion means allowing yourself to fully feel everything life has to offer. You recognize that your emotions are there to tell you something and to allow you to experience life more fully.

Emotions like anxiety and fear are clues that we need to examine our limiting beliefs and turn that fear into empowerment. Emotions like sadness tell us that it’s time for healing and reflection, and they provide the polarity in life that allows us to also feel happy.

The gift of emotion is what gives life meaning and purpose. Embrace it and you’ll transform your world.

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Master your emotions with emotional flooding

Many of us stack negative emotions, leading to stress, fear and overwhelm. But what if there was a way to stack positive emotions? A way to instantly shift to a state of gratitude, excitement, pride and love? Hear about how Tony created a process that he calls emotional flooding, and how you can bring this daily practice into your own life, or share it with those you love.

Sharing the gift of emotion

Our emotions are closely related to one of our deepest Six Human Needs: love and connection. Humans are social beings. We want to share our experiences, and by doing so, we can actually enhance them even more. To truly embrace the gift of emotion, you must be willing to be vulnerable. You must be willing to share your feelings with others. Sharing your joy will only enhance it; sharing your pain will relieve some of your burden.

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Real-life examples of embracing emotional gifts

In school we learn math and reading. In life we learn our values, like loyalty and generosity. Yet we often don’t learn the most important lesson: how to recognize and embrace the gift of emotion. These inspirational examples show how anyone can change the meaning they give to events in their lives.

Shaun White

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has reached the peaks of athletic success – and has also felt the lows. He says, “[Losing at Sochi] was one of the biggest upsets in my career and my life. But once the tears had dried up, I thought, I’m going to turn this into the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I’m going to let this moment define me. Now when I go to a competition and I lose, I think, great! Now I have a perfect crystal picture of where I need to be.” Listen as Shaun talks to Tony about how he channels his emotional gifts to produce successful results.

Kris Carr

Kris Carr’s emotional journey began when she was diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 4 cancer when she was just 31 years old. She attended Date With Destiny, where she learned, “Some of the decisions that I’ve made and some of the habits I’ve created don’t serve me – and I have the power to change them by changing my energy and my emotions.” Hear her powerful story about the gift of emotion on the Tony Robbins Podcast episode, “How to Have the Emotional Strength to Handle Anything.

Kris Carr isn’t the only person who transformed her story after attending Date With Destiny

Life-changing realizations and embracing the gift of emotion are a regular part of this event. In the award-winning Netflix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru, you can see Tony help people take back power over their emotions at his event, Date With Destiny. Watch the trailer to learn more.

The gift of emotion is ready to teach you how to live a more fulfilling life. Are you ready to listen?

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