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Shaun White’s Ultimate Redemption

Tony finds out how this Olympian and X-Games champion made a single decision that led him to greatness

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Success leaves clues. If someone has done very well financially decade over decade, they’re not lucky – they’re doing something different. If someone is fit and healthy for 20 years, they’re not lucky – they understand what it takes. They have a strategy that works, and if you follow that path and sow the same seeds, you’ll not only save yourself decades of trial and error, you’ll be that much closer to operating on the level that you want to be.

Perhaps your goal is to become so mentally fit that absolutely nothing will stand in your way. Maybe you’re ready to take your physiology to the next level and be in a peak state of fitness. Or maybe you’ve drawn that line in the sand, refusing to live a single day longer in suffering, and are ready to start living a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Whatever it is, we can all learn from others who have been there and already overcome the challenges that we are facing. If you want lasting results, you must keep growing. What can you learn by studying others’ paths to success?

In this first episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast Peak Performers season, you’ll have a front-row seat as Tony sits down with three-time Olympic gold-medalist Shaun White – who holds the record for most X-Games gold medals and most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder.

Shaun was an unlikely athlete. Born with an actual hole in his heart, he went through several operations when he was just a child. But that hardly slowed him down. He was skateboarding by 5 years old and snowboarding soon after. By 13 he went pro, and began competing in everything from halfpipe to slopestyle, making a name for himself in the X-Games. Along the way, every failure or missed opportunity only fueled his competitive drive, and soon propelled him into the Olympics – where the highs and lows not only took a toll, but ultimately helped Shaun become the athlete, and the man he was truly meant to be.

Shaun talks to Tony about his lifelong journey to becoming one of the most successful snowboarders in history, the uphill battle back from devastating injury and a massive loss at Sochi, and the ultimate redemption at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. They delve into what it means to embrace risk, to absolute importance of mental and physical fitness, and why a single decision can lead you down the path to greatness.

Shaun White Interview

Shaun White Interview Show Notes

[01:10] Season introduction
[02:30] Episode introduction
[03:55] Welcome home Shaun
[04:15] Why Shaun is unique
[04:30] Sponsored at 7 years old
[05:05] Most wins in X-Games history
[05:20] Skating kept him interested in snowboarding
[06:40] His psychology and mindset as a kid
[07:20] An unlikely candidate for snowboarding
[07:50] The most influential people
[09:20] The relationship with his half-brother today
[10:00] Recovering from Sochi
[11:20] His mindset during Sochi
[12:40] The early days in snowboarding
[14:10] Different Olympic games – different experiences
[15:30] His first real injury
[16:25] How Shaun shifted his mental and physical game
[17:25] Great moments come from profound upsets
[19:00] Where did the drive come from?
[21:20] The New Zealand accident
[22:30] Making necessary changes
[22:50] Reconnecting with family
[23:50] How his coach helped drive him
[25:30] The accident
[26:30] Being willing to take the risk
[27:30] The third run at the Olympics
[29:00] Scoring 100
[33:00] Coming back from behind
[37:00] Approaching the run
[39:20] The culmination of emotion
[40:10] The small things add up
[40:50] What makes a champion?
[42:30] There’s no such thing as a mistake
[43:10] If you want a change, make a decision
[43:30] Planning the future

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