Understanding the gift of grace

“Life happens for us, not to us. It’s our job to find the grace in this and every moment of our lives – that’s when life is truly magnificent.” – Tony Robbins 

There’s a guiding force that shows up in our lives from time to time: When your intent is pure and your will is strong, but something else pushes you through. Some call it luck, some call it God, some call it the gift of grace. The more you acknowledge it, the more it appears. 

The gift of grace is a chance to start fresh. It’s a chance to be free, a chance to let love flow to yourself at a new level. Understanding grace is the key to being able to let go. Let go of what others have done to you, and let go of what you may have done to others, even unintentionally. It is a peace and tranquility that can only come from knowing that life happens for you, not to you.

What is grace?

Grace is the perfection of life. It’s the invisible force that connects us all. It transcends the ways that humans like to organize and assign meaning, because it exists equally among all of us. The gift of grace is given for absolutely no reason. It isn’t karma and it isn’t a reward. It falls upon good people and bad people.

The key to grace is that it exists with or without you. It is a breeze on a hot day. It is a beautiful sunset. It is smiles and laughter and children playing. It’s hearing your favorite song on the radio after a long day. But it is also something that can be acquired. Once you understand how to learn grace, you can pass it on to others. A world filled with the gift of grace is a better world.

How to experience more grace

Understanding grace is one thing. But if you’re wondering how to experience more grace, you’ll need to take action.

 1. Be kind to others

The gift of grace always begins with kindness. Start with your words. Before you speak, ask yourself if you’re being helpful. Even if you have criticism to give, find a way to say it in a more gentle and productive way. Use “I feel” statements instead of blaming. Then be kind in your actions. Practice deep listening and tune into others’ needs. Be present for your friends and family. Be forgiving. These are actions we must all aspire to.

2. Do something greater than yourself

Giving back takes being kind to others to the next level. Anytime you do something that is greater than yourself, you get a different level of insight, an enhanced experience. Grace is life’s guiding force, and working toward a greater good is an essential step on the journey of how to experience more grace. There are always opportunities to look beyond yourself: While in San Francisco for business, Tony Robbins read a local news article about a soup kitchen run by nuns that was being shut down because the landlord had doubled their rent. Tony bought the imperiled French nuns their own soup kitchen with a $1 million donation. That’s the gift of grace in action.

how to experience more grace.

man hiking and feeling the gift of grace

3. Feel awe and wonder

Have you ever seen a child looking at holiday lights or a big Mack truck? This sense of wonder is ingrained in us as children, yet we lose it as we grow up and become desensitized to the world around us. We work, we watch Netflix, we clean the house – but when was the last time you did something awe-inspiring? Go on a hike to a beautiful location. Watch the sunset over the ocean. Listen to a beautiful song. Read about the feats of humanity. Allow yourself to be awestruck by the world, and you’ll understand the gift of grace.

The gift of grace: Inspirational examples

Everyone has “off” days. We might feel frustrated or angry or disappointed. That makes it even more important to uncover how to experience more grace in that moment. These inspirational stories can help.

Nick Foles

NFL Quarterback and Super Bowl Champion Nick Foles has an incredible outlook on life. He says, “I’ve been overlooked, praised, lauded, labeled, celebrated and derided – sometimes all in the span of a single week. That’s life in the NFL Challenges put me in a position to grow in my faith, which in turn have made me stronger and more confident than I ever would have been if I had not gone through them.” In the Tony Robbins Podcast episode “The Unflagging Faith of Nick Foles,” hear Nick and Tony discuss his journey to understanding grace.

Michael Singer

Bestselling author Michael Singer is a true master of the gift of grace. He’s also a close friend of Tony and Sage and inspires them daily to continue their work of understanding grace and living life to the fullest. Singer teaches that grace is not something you earn. It’s not a reward that you pray or ask for. And it has nothing to do with karma. Listen as he explains that grace is the one thing that transcends human concepts. Learn to lean into grace and embrace pure gratitude.

The gift of grace can be yours today if you choose to live a life of acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness. Are you ready to start your journey?

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