The value of sales training programs

Has your sales team hit a plateau? Have you had an ownership, management or team member change, and now you feel they’re not working together as well as they did before? Perhaps it’s just been a while since you refreshed your techniques, or your salespeople are asking you for professional development opportunities. There are many reasons to consider sales training programs and also many benefits. Here’s what you need to know about the real value of sales training.

What are sales training programs?

Sales training programs are a proven way to maximize results and create happier employees. Sales training takes a holistic look at both individuals and teams, helping them to overcome obstacles and become more effective, efficient and competitive. It’s also a valuable part of any onboarding process, whether you are hiring a beginner or an experienced veteran, because it helps to align individuals around a single brand identity and vision. 

In today’s virtual world, sales training programs are frequently remote. They can take the form of multi-day seminars, one- to two-hour workshops, individual coaching sessions, team building sessions and more. You may work with one instructor or multiple consultants and engage in a variety of teaching styles. The most important criteria for any sales training program is to find the right match for your business. 

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What will my team learn at sales training?

If you’re like most sales managers, the value of sales training programs lies in the concrete results you will get. The exact itinerary of your training program will vary based on the topic, which can range from inside sales and cold calling to service sales to improve customer loyalty. There are even sales training programs for managers to help them bring out the best in their teams.

In the end, the true importance of sales training for salespeople is that it will teach them to adopt the right mindset. The sales mindset is one of perseverance, positivity and deep belief in yourself. Sales training that instills that mindset is an invaluable part of your business.

The value of sales training

The benefits of sales training go beyond the individual. A thorough and organized onboarding process can actually affect employee retention: 28% of employees will leave their job after 3 months due to poor onboarding experiences. And ongoing training is an essential part of the career development that today’s employees crave. The value of sales training is that it ultimately affects your bottom line – but it does this in a variety of ways. Here are seven major benefits of sales training for your business ROI.

1. Align your vision

To run a successful company, everyone must be working toward the same goal. While deals closed and revenue won are what drives growth, what inspires your salespeople to reach those goals is your company vision. How will you make a difference in the world? What’s your brand identity? Sales training programs give you a chance to align your team around your vision and identity so that they can better act as the face of your company. 

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2. Communicate your X factor

Your vision is key to inspiring your employees, but your X factor is what will inspire raving fan customers. How do you provide more value than anyone else? What makes your business talkably different? You must align your salespeople around your vision and brand identity so that they can then align your customers around your X factor.  

3. Improve communication

Communication is vital to all parts of sales, from building relationships with customers to working as a team to achieve quotas. One of the biggest benefits of sales training is that when your team is aligned around a common vision and goals, they are learning to speak the same language. You’ll not only improve communication but also build trust in the workplace.

4. Provide better customer service

If you don’t put the customer first, the importance of sales training for salespeople will be lost on your business. Identifying your target market, understanding their needs and then creating a solution that fills those needs is more important than any product or service. Sales training programs will teach your team how to fall in love with the customer, not the product.

5. Increase efficiencies

When you understand your customer base and the right approach to take with them, you’ll cut time off your sales cycle – and time is money. Sales training programs are also useful if you are introducing a new software or process. Without the proper training, you’ll lose valuable time learning the software that you could be spending closing sales.

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6. Hire smarter

Uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of your current team can help you build a successful sales team, because you will be able to hire in order to fill any skills gaps. It will also clarify your company values and culture so you can ensure you’re hiring someone who is a good fit.

7. Retain employees

The value of sales training is most obvious when it comes to employee retention. Sales turnover is estimated to be up to 50% a year. That’s a heavy expense for most organizations. Properly training and managing sales talent can go a long way toward creating raving fan employees who stay with your company long-term – and provide high lifetime value. 

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