Start a business without investment

Starting your own business is one of the most empowering steps you can take in your life. When you launch a business, you’re expanding your options for financial freedom so you can pursue even bigger dreams down the road.

But many would-be entrepreneurs who want to start a small business without investment see few options. They put their dreams on hold until some future date when financing appears. But success isn’t about your resources – it’s about your resourcefulness. 

If you want to learn how to start a small business without investment, there are opportunities in today’s market. Gone are the days of high-investment enterprises being the only option for getting ahead. In today’s digital era, there are a wide range of no-investment business opportunities. With the right information, support and resources, you can turn your business vision into a reality. 

Want to start a business with no investment?

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Tips for starting a business with no investment

Starting a small business without investment is an achievable goal. Here are Tony’s top guiding principles for how to build a sustainable, profitable small business.

• Start small

“I want to start a small business without investment, but I don’t know where to start.” The answer here is straightforward: start small. Begin by selling your product or service to friends and family, or selling through an already-established vendor. When you start small, you’re able to fine-tune your branding, marketing and advertising strategies while the stakes are still low. You’re also able to make a profit to fund your next batch of inventory.

• Look to your network

In business and all of life, your network is an invaluable resource. Are yousurrounding yourself with people who are smart and talented? That will make it much easier to learn how to start a small business without investment. Your network of friends and colleagues is a source of feedback, encouragement and even sales as you master the art of building a company from scratch. And most successful business owners haveat least one mentor – Tony has had several over his life. A mentor has been where you are and can provide helpful advice.

• Secure sales before you craft your product

If your product requires manufacturing, secure sales before you manufacture the item. Use the Internet to generate sales, allowing consumers to customize their order at the time of purchase. Etsy is an excellent example of this strategy. Customers are able to pre-order a product, specifying details like size, color and material. With payment in hand, sellers are able to craft the customized product without going in the red. The result is a pipeline of raving fan customers without excessive up-front costs. 

• Unlock your inner drive

No-investment business opportunities don’t require money, but they do require plenty of time and hard work. Only those with a deep belief in themselves and a true desire to follow their passion and purpose in life will succeed. That’s why hunger is a top trait of entrepreneurs and is the key to how to start a small business without investment. It will propel you out of your comfort zone, eliminate your fear of failure and help you spot and take advantage of no-investment business opportunities before anyone else.

Top 8 no-investment business ideas

You don’t just need a close network and inner drive if you want to start a small business without investment. You’ll also need outstanding no-investment business ideas.

1. No-inventory products and services

One of the largest cost categories in starting a business is the inventory required. If your product or service is a tangible item, you’ll need startup capital to purchase materials, craft the product and make your first sale. To get around the need for seed funding, learn how to start a small business without investment by making a non-tangible product (i.e. one that does not require materials for production). Consider products that use your communication skills, like coaching or public speaking.

create a no inventory product to start a business with no investent

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2. Products and services that are minimally regulated

Business regulations create a safety net of consumer protections. But the more heavily a product or service is regulated, the more expensive it is to get started competing in that particular industry. The key to learning how to start a small business without investment is finding your niche in an industry without excessive regulatory requirements. Create a product or service without safety risks to keep your costs low.

3. Product reviewer

If you want to start a small business without investment, you don’t even necessarily need to create a product or service – you can go into business reviewing other companies’ products to help them refine their operations. There’s no initial investment required on your end, since your primary inputs are your time and expertise.

start small to create a business with no investment

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4. Online businesses

The only resources you really need to start a small business are a computer, an Internet connection and time. Your options are virtually limitless. You might work from home as a writer or personal assistant. You might provide e-commerce services for an existing firm. As long as you’re able to create, market and sell your product without purchasing supplies, you’ll be able to start without investment.

5. Graphic and art design

As people live more and more of their lives online, the market for quality videos, presentations and social media content is growing. Graphic designers take others’ ideas, video footage and photographs and turn them into high-quality, attention-grabbing pieces of content. Many graphic designers work in marketing, creating ads, videos or websites, but they can also create children’s books, greeting cards and other diverse content.

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6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets for how to start a small business without investment. With affiliate marketing, you promote another company’s product or service, taking a commission from any sales you make. All you need is a website and a pool of customers who are within the product’s target market.

7. Consultant

Everyone has monetizable skills, especially if they’ve been in the working world. Business, marketing and financial consultants are especially in demand, but there are many skills you can leverage as a consultant, from healthcare to cybersecurity. Pastimes can be turned into consulting careers too: gardeners become landscape consultants and clothes aficionados become fashion consultants.

testing other companies products will help you start a business with no investment

want to start a small business without investment.

8. Real estate agent

Real estate isn’t just for investing. If you have excellent emotional intelligence and sales skills, real estate could be a profitable small business for you. This is also one of the best no-investment business opportunities for those who will eventually want to expand the business. Once you’re a thriving real estate agent, you can bring in other driven individuals to build your own firm.

Want to start a small business without investment?

Learning how to start a small business without investment takes a game plan and commitment, but it’s well within your reach. Fine-tune your skills with Tony Robbins’ Entrepreneur Accelerator Toolkit today.