Pain points of career growth

If you’re asking, “How do I grow my career?” it’s likely you are feeling stagnant in your current position. Growth is one of the 6 human needs, so if you’re feeling stagnant, it’s time to make a new plan. Like physical growth processes, you’ll experience growing pains as you strive for professional maturity. Some of the most common pain points of career growth center on confidence, fulfillment and practical skills. A lack of confidence is normal in the earlier stages of your career progression, since you’re still exploring your interests and developing your skill set. You may also struggle with time management, since part of being productive is learning to manage your time effectively. You also likely feel dispassionate in your current position. Mapping out your career progression can be stressful and confusing, especially if you do not have enough support and guidance. By harnessing the power of leverage, you can build off the skills you already have to develop new leadership traits.

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Overcoming pain points to grow your career

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Career growth and development is much like the rest of life in that it is both intentional (requiring careful thought and planning) and organic (subject to influences beyond our control). To overcome the pain points of career growth, look inward. By uncovering what’s really driving your career, you’re getting at the secret to career fulfillment: passion and drive. With these in place, you’re operating from a place of inspiration. As your career path unfolds, you’ll be able to look outward as well, developing skills relevant to your emerging career. As you seek out career growth opportunities, look for ways to master your productivity so you’re able to reach your goals on time. While you develop your skill set, you may notice your sense of contentment with your current position ebbs and flows. The fact that you can feel fulfilled by your work without feeling passionate about it is what drives many to pursue career growth and development. This is the beauty of mindful, intentional career growth: It allows you to find fulfillment and opportunities for exploration all in the same career. By innovating to recognize and pursue your dreams, you’ll emerge strong, confident and focused.

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