Best inspirational speakers

There’s nothing like sitting in an auditorium with hundreds of like-minded people, absorbing the words of a powerful speaker. If you’ve ever heard Tony Robbins speak in person at one of his events, you know what a profound experience it can be.

There are thousands of inspirational speakers in the world and you can learn from them through in-person symposiums or events as well as through podcasts, videos and audio books.

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What is an inspirational speaker?

Though famous inspirational speakers travel the globe and have a profound effect on those who listen to them, they are not to be confused with motivational speakers. Motivational speakers make their living by talking to audiences about large-scale issues such as increasing sales, creating personal development plans or taking steps toward more effective leadership. Inspirational speakers are those who have learned life lessons through their careers or unique circumstances and want to pass that information on to others. The best inspirational speakers share their personal stories and then let the audience draw their own conclusions. Motivational speakers, on the other hand, lay out plans for their listeners to incorporate change into their own lives.

Both motivational and inspirational speakers play a part in feeding your mind with positive information. By listening to just 20-30 minutes of inspirational speaking a day, you can increase your success and create a more fulfilling life. You can take that a step further by finding books by speakers you are especially touched by, attending their seminars or other events where they are featured or by learning more on their websites.

Here are some of Tony’s favorite inspirational speakers and what you can learn from them.

Brene Brown

A public speaker and renowned researcher on human behavior regarding shame, Brene Brown shook up the world when she gave her TED Talk on the power of vulnerability. Whether you want to harness the power of vulnerability in your personal relationships or in business, listening to Brene Brown’s authentic and heartfelt presentations are well worth the time investment. Her humor and down-to-earth Texas mannerisms paired with her unique research on shame make her one of the best inspirational speakers for those who want to forge deeper connections with those they have close relationships with.

Siri Lindley

Siri Lindley is a former triathlete and a current triathlon coach. She uses her experiences in the sports world to speak to others about living a big life and getting clear on their goals so they can achieve their dreams. In addition to speaking about training herself and others to compete in world-class events, she also shares her very personal stories of fear and feelings of not being good enough. In a podcast with Tony Robbins, she explains how she finally came to the conclusion that being a human was far more important than being an athlete and how this changed her entire mindset. She is one of the famous inspirational speakers Tony often works with and she never fails to ignite an audience.

Joseph McClendon III

Another one of Tony’s favorite inspirational speakers that he often works with, Joseph McClendon III is a powerful coach and motivator with extensive experience in the neurosciences and how people process information. His story includes seven years of teaching neuroscience at UCLA where he came up with his unique brand of teaching and coaching, “Tell, Show, Do.” His electrifying talks help listeners create rapid personal change and growth and find ways they can go further faster in their personal and professional lives.

Malala Yousafzai

A Pakistani activist for young women and the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai is one of the most famous inspirational speakers in the world. After writing a blog anonymously about living under Taliban rule, she was shot on a bus in a failed assassination attempt. She survived the attempt and became an international inspirational speaker and was dubbed the “most famous teenager in the world.” Though the main topic she speaks about is promoting education for young girls, everyone can learn something from this truly remarkable person.

Scott Harris

Known as the “Millionaire Mentor,” Scott Harris is a renowned inspirational speaker who hails from Australia. He speaks on topics such as creating massive shifts in people, instigating lasting change and improving health and wellness. A former elite ironman with a wide range of experience and interests, Scott is a lifelong learner who has coached others around the world for over 20 years. Scott has been an audience favorite every time he’s appeared with Tony and remains one of the best inspirational speakers Tony has ever partnered with.

Mark Divine

When it comes to inspirational speakers, it’s hard to do better than learning from one of the most successful Navy SEALS in history. Mark Divine, who retired from the SEALS in 2011, has coached elite soldiers, built multi-million dollar companies and created unparalleled training systems. He speaks on team building, physical fitness and how to have an unbeatable mind. He uses his experiences in active and reserve duty with the military to illustrate how laughter and intuition are often the most powerful tools at your disposal and how they can lead to deep bonds and unprecedented perseverance.

Seth Godin

Seth is a former dot-com entrepreneur and the highly successful author of marketing books such as The Purple Cow and Linchpin. His theories on how ideas are spread and how to gain the respect of your clients and customers are groundbreaking, and have made him one of the most entertaining and famous inspirational speakers in the nation. Though his information is more useful for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take marketing to the next level and increase profits, his talks are still highly engaging, educational and have plenty of “ah-ha!” moments.

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Cloe Madanes

Cloe is an inspirational speaker who has teamed up with Tony since 2002 to develop strategic interventions for families and communities experiencing conflict or violence. She is the co-founder of the Council for the Human Rights of Children and speaks on raising healthy children and creating cohesive families. Not only is she one of the most famous inspirational speakers in the area of child development, she is also the author of eight books and has successfully counseled thousands of people with her patented strategic family therapy approach.


If listening is one of your top learning styles, hearing famous inspirational speakers either in person or on a recording is incredibly valuable. It can help drive you to learn more and increase your knowledge about topics you are interested in. Tony works with a number of inspirational speakers and often features them on his podcasts. This is a great way to discover new speakers and find out which ones touch your heart and encourage you to live an inspired life.

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