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Gone are the days of door-to-door sales pitches, cold calling and “hard sells.” Today’s market is all about brand identity, customer service and providing value in a crowded world. It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind – and you could be. Sales coaching is your solution.

Tony says it best: “Optimization simply means that you take a bunch of little things that don’t seem to be very difficult to change and all of those little changes have a multiplying effect and you get a giant change from all of those tiny changes.” Optimize your sales processes and keep your team running like a well-oiled machine with sales coaching.

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What is sales coaching?

Sales coaching is the process of training a sales team to improve its skills. Every sales team uses coaching in some form, whether formal or informal – but it will be most successful when there is a formalized sales coaching system in place. Oftentimes it is the sales managers who are responsible for coaching new team members, but the most effective sales coaching goes far beyond that. It should be ongoing and iterative, and become part of the daily routine.

Sales coaching will improve your numbers, but it doesn’t focus on them. It focuses on skills and professional development and it’s personalized for each salesperson. With coaching, your salespeople will be more confident, knowledgeable and communicative – and you’ll see your business growth skyrocket.

Who needs sales coaching?

There are some specific scenarios that call for sales coaching. If your team hasn’t been hitting its goals, seems unclear about its mission or has been getting customer complaints, it’s time to call in a coach. Why not just do it yourself? You can improve your team’s skills with your own sales coaching tips, but you’re limited by time and your own experience. A sales coach brings new ideas, experience and skills to your sales team. If your process needs an overhaul, a sales coach will be honest and upfront – and see you through the change.

However, sales coaching can help businesses at many different stages, from startup to established teams that need a “refresher” course. Technology like customer service management (CRM) systems and script software changes quickly, and you must stay up to date on the latest sales tactics – and laws – as well. If it’s been a while since your team got coaching, now is the time. As Tony says,  “The price of ignorance in business is obsolescence. Obsolescence in business in short order means extinction.” Don’t let your sales team become obsolete.


How to find the right sales coaching system

The best coaches are familiar with the latest sales coaching techniques that can help you dominate sales:

1. Leverage your data

From recorded phone calls to your CRM and sales software, data is useful at every stage of the sales coaching process. It can show you where to start and what you most need to work on. It can provide information and examples so that your coach can better understand your business. Make sure you’re leveraging all of your resources for success.

leveraging data for sales coaching

2. Individualize your incentives

incentives for sales coaching

Many sales programs use financial incentives to stimulate results. But there are other methods you can use. Learn what inspires team members to act – is it purpose, autonomy or something else? “There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality,” says Tony. When you unleash that in your sales team, there is no stopping them.

3. Make it memorable

Sales coaching tips won’t stick by lecturing alone. A simple technique like using visuals, such as charts and graphs to show goals and leaderboards, can take sales coaching to the next level. Use video scenarios and group discussions. The sales coaching system you choose will only be worth the money if your team turns its lessons into massive action.

memorable sales coaching

The Different Types of Sales Coaching

The best sales coaches also know how to use a mix of styles in order to get the best results. Each sales situation is unique, and salespeople need many different skills in order to adapt. Find a sales coach with a diverse range of styles, such as:

1. Soft skills coaching

soft skills sales coaching

Soft skills like communication, building rapport, influencing others and organization are all vital to selling. A sales coaching system that knows when to work on these skills – and how to teach them effectively – is the only one worth considering.

2. Strategic coaching

The overarching strategy of your sales team and your business should be front and center. Choose a sales coach that knows your market, your customer and your buying process, so he or she can advise you on the big picture.

strategic sales coaching

3. Situational coaching

situational sales coaching

The devil is in the details, especially in sales. No customer is like another, and salespeople constantly encounter new situations. Sales coaches are there to examine real-life scenarios from your sales team and give tactical suggestions.

The sales coaching system that is right for you will understand the obstacles you need to overcome and will have proven experience taking on similar challenges. Tony Robbins’ Business Results Training is a six-month business workshop with all that and more. You won’t just cover sales. You’ll take a deep dive into emotional mastery, the psychology behind sales, time management and more. You’ll walk away a better manager, a better teacher and a better businessperson. You can’t lose.

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