Should I start a business?” It depends on your mindset. Once you have successfully built a meaningful career, the prospect of starting your own company often becomes enticing. You’ve put in the work to build a skill set you’re proud of, and you’ve heard that the creativity and empowerment that come with entrepreneurship are exhilarating.

Being a business owner is often a life-changing experience. Starting a business is a process filled with excitement, anticipation and growing pains. You might be asking yourself if you have the skills and stamina required to run a business or wondering if your expectations are realistic. Before you quit your day job, ask yourself this vital question: “Why should I start a business?” Your passions and values will ultimately guide you in the right direction as you consider the possibilities of launching a business.

Before starting a business, think through the pain points

Many prospective business owners are wary of making the leap because they lack formal business education and doubt their capacity for management. Others doubt their aptitude for leadership, realizing their mindset needs a lot of work to be business ready. Still others face concrete barriers to entrepreneurship, like concerns about leaving current employment. If that’s not enough, the task of creating a viable business plan may be overwhelming in and of itself.  These pain points are intensified by the uncertainty of any business’ formative years. As you ask yourself questions along the lines of “should I start my own business?” give yourself credit for thoroughly and honestly evaluating your preparedness before taking the plunge. To overcome the pain points of starting a business, don’t stop at asking, Should I open my own business?” Push yourself further and get all the information you can. True entrepreneurs persevere even when it’s scary, utilizing all their resources to make decisions based on facts, not fear. With the right support and resources, you can confidently make a sound decision about your next career move.

Be honest with yourself

While passion inspires you, it’s careful planning that sustains a business. If the thought of quitting your day job causes anxiety, that’s because you’re wise to look before leaping. Milk your day job for all its worth. Now is the time to harness your leadership qualities by mastering efficient workplace practices. By making a habit of setting reasonable goals, managing your time and setting healthy professional boundaries, you’re able to develop the managerial capacity to make it as a business owner. To grow a business to maturity, successful business owners must be willing to wear a variety of hats, think critically and make personal and financial sacrifices. By acknowledging the pain points of launching a business, you’re already doing the work necessary to create a scalable, profitable and sustainable business model. Asking should I start a business?” means taking an honest, straightforward approach to evaluating your business readiness. Getting to the root of your passions will allow you to create a viable business idea aligned with your values.

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