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Are you a business owner — or operator?

If you were to take a two-week vacation with your family, what would happen to your business while you were gone? Would you spend the whole time on your phone or laptop answering emails and putting out fires? Would your ‘vacation’ cause you more stress because you’re not in the office?

If your business would suffer in your short absence then you are a business operator – not a business owner.

So do you have a business? Are you a business owner or are you stressed all the time? Are you able to be strategic, or are you doing the same things over and over because you’re too busy to innovate and create more effective solutions? Are you able to step back and see the bigger picture?

If not, your new goal is this: become a business owner. Choose to make that shift in both your identity and your business. As Tony said, a business owner is the ultimate strategist. An owner maximizes his or her business by leveraging the talented individuals around them. Ensure that you have a team you can trust with this ‘baby’ you have poured so much love and passion into. Otherwise your business will always be limited by what you personally can do each day and you’ll always be stressed.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love or be a part of the business. By all means, you can still be the operator where it makes sense to be the operator. But allow yourself and your business to thrive by making this necessary shift in your mentality.

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