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6 habits of successful business owners

How to become a business owner on the fast track to success

Posted by: Team Tony

Do you look at business greats like Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey and think, “How did they get there?” Do you not only wonder about their business savvy, education and financial knowledge, but also about their daily habits and their mindset? If you’re wondering how to become a business owner and these are the questions you’re asking yourself, you’re on the right track to success.

Becoming a business owner involves much more than being born into the right family or having a certain set of natural personality traits. Just ask Steve Jobs or Oprah, who both started with nothing.

Being a successful business owner is about innovating. It’s about being willing to transform your psychology. It’s about knowing that what you did to get where you are won’t take you to the next level. It’s about committing to learning how to be a successful business owner.

Becoming a business owner: Caleb Antonucci

Caleb Antonucci didn’t know how much his own psychology had been harming his business and preventing its growth. At Business Mastery, Caleb discovered for himself one of Tony’s essential concepts: “The chokehold of the business was the psychology of the business owner.” He identified his limiting beliefs and was able to break the cycle of fear and give his team the support they needed to maximize their performance. He was able to finally see how he could step back from being an operator to becoming a true owner, which allowed his team, and his business, to thrive.

As Tony says, “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.” Caleb has returned to Business Mastery to continue learning how to become a better business owner. He is always finding new skills to implement in his business to take it to the next level – from creating raving fans to creating a business map. You can adopt the same mindset of constant strategic innovation and become a great business owner yourself.

How to become a business owner

Becoming a successful business owner is about more than making sales and raking in cash. Those who reach the highest levels also share certain traits and habits that give them an edge.

The good news for you is that you can learn not only how to become a business owner, but how to excel at it.

1. Find your passion

Becoming a business owner really means becoming a leader – and the best leaders all have one thing in common: passion. Passion for your business comes from finding your purpose, determining your values and living them every day. It’s how you inspire employees to work with you and customers to choose your product. Passion is the biggest key to becoming a true business owner.

2. Set your focus

Passion is essential, but if you don’t focus that energy, you’ll never find success. Eliminate distractions like personal social media, constant texting and even emails. Make a massive action plan that focuses your energy on the most important tasks for your business. Tony says, “Where focus goes, energy flows” – so don’t let that focus waver.

3. Create raving fan customers

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – customer service makes or breaks a business. Your customers could be tech users, pet owners, other businesses or any number of other targets. Whoever they are, you need them to be raving fans. Don’t just make this a priority when you first start out. Customer service must be top of mind for your entire organization, throughout its entire lifespan.

4. Always be improving

Constant and strategic Innovation isn’t just for improving your business practices and creating the latest and greatest inventions. You must apply it to yourself to discover how to be a successful business owner. Ask for feedback and take it to heart. Attend conferences and events, not just in your industry, but for personal growth. Identify your own limiting beliefs and actively work to change them. It’s all part of becoming a business owner.

5. Develop inner strength

If we asked you what one quality Steve Jobs and Oprah really had in common, what would you say? What’s the one trait that allows people who have experienced loss and disappointment their entire lives to keep getting back up again? It’s inner strength. And developing plenty of it is a priority that must be high on your list of how to become a business owner.  

 6. Establish healthy habits

Inner strength isn’t the only thing that keeps successful business owners going. They know they need to take care of themselves and establish the healthy habits that will propel them to greatness. It’s no secret the top entrepreneurs get up early for maximum productivity – but they also get enough sleep. They eat healthfully, exercise and manage stress with mindfulness exercises like priming. And they always take time off to refuel their creativity.

Ready to learn how to become a business owner with the skills to take your company to the highest levels? Discover everything you need to know at Business Mastery.

Discover what your business is capable of at Business Mastery