Create a Basket Brigade

One small act of generosity can transform the lives of hundreds. This is the driving belief behind the International Basket Brigade — a force stemming from Tony’s effort to feed families in need. It is often those that need help the most who are forgotten in society — you can change that today.

Transform communities by providing baskets of food to those in need. The Basket Brigade is a 100% volunteer program and your leadership can impact lives. Learn how the Basket Brigade works below and join the movement!

“Join me in creating lasting change” – Tony Robbins

How it Works

  • Locate Families & Create Baskets Once a month, work with local organizations like churches and public schools to identify families. Your baskets should be decorated and include delicious food and practical household items.
  • Join or Start a Brigade Become your community’s coordinator or join an existing Brigade. Coordinators are responsible for maintaining communication among local Brigader’s
  • Deliver Baskets & Celebrate Be alert in neighborhoods you enter, gentle in your presence and safe in your journey. Post delivery, celebrate knowing you’ve made a remarkable difference in a family’s life.