How to focus better

How to focus better

Where focus goes, energy flows,” Tony Robbins says. “What you focus on, you feel.” The power of focus affects all aspects of your life. You can focus on goals at work, in your relationships or on personal goals like fitness and emotional health – and you can manifest those goals into being.

But the huge life goals you have are made up of smaller accomplishments. And learning how to focus on the task at hand and complete each step toward living the life you desire is the only way to achieve greatness.

Most people are able to focus at least some of the time. If you’re doing something you enjoy, or exercising and moving your body, you’re likely to get “in the zone.” But sometimes, you just can’t seem to figure out how to focus. You’re at work, and you know you need to get a task done, but you keep browsing the news. You’re in a meeting and find your mind wandering. Maybe you’re even with your family at the dinner table, but don’t know what your significant other just said to you.

Learning how to focus better is vital to achieving your goals. Focus makes your family and your partner feel important and valued – and it’s the only way to get things done at work. The key to all the ways to improve focus? Look within yourself.

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1. Get in the driver’s seat of your life

As human beings, we like to be in control. As Tony says, if we’re driving the motorcycle, we tend to be comfortable with its direction. But, he says, “Most people live their life on the back of the motorcycle, and who’s driving the front of it is all the demands in their life.”

Are you letting all the demands in your life determine your life’s direction? It’s time to examine why.

The key to concentration doesn’t come from outside yourself. The most powerful factor in focus is your state. If you’re wondering how to focus, the first step is to honestly evaluate your state and learn what drives you. Only then can you make the necessary changes to take charge of your life.

You can also learn to elevate your standards. You must change your story and overcome your limiting beliefs in order to improve your focus. Maybe you tell yourself, “I just don’t have the self-control,” or, “I’ve never been able to focus for very long.” By being aware of the stories you tell yourself and consciously reversing those stories, you can make better decisions.

Now you’re feeling empowered, and you’re making smart choices. What are some other ways to improve focus?

2. Treat your body – and your mind – right

Energy is life. Whether emotional or physical, energy is vital to achieving your goals. If you find you can’t master how to focus on work or other tasks, another question you must ask yourself is, “Am I giving my body the nutrients it needs?”

When you feed your body, you feed your mind. What you choose to eat shapes your destiny. It’s all part of the same life cycle.

You don’t need to subscribe to a fad diet or spend hours running on the treadmill to reach a holistic state of health. You just need to learn which foods to eat and which to avoid. True health and fitness is about balance. Loading up on greens, veggies and certain fruits, avoiding most grains and eating foods low in sugar helps your body achieve its natural balance.

Exercise is another crucial component. Doing something you enjoy, like walking, swimming, biking or snowboarding, is the best way to create a sustainable exercise routine.

When you feed your body right and get the exercise you need, learning how to focus becomes infinitely easier.

3. Discover the power of rituals

Want to know how to focus at work and in life? It’s all about your rituals. There are several you can easily take advantage of for improved focus that can be incorporated into your morning routine or at work.

The first step to better focus is basic: breathe. Discover the power of priming and make it a consistent morning ritual. Priming is the act of adjusting your emotional state – and it’s as easy as sitting, breathing and visualizing. First, be grateful for what you have. Then, visualize what you want. Finally, celebrate. It’s a new day, and you are going to master it.

Another powerful ritual is reciting incantations. These are phrases that you chant out loud – yes, you have to speak them. “Speaking engages your physiology,” says Tony, and it’s not just about the idea, it’s about the feeling. “I’ve done incantations my entire life; it’s how I’ve conditioned myself.” What will your incantations be?

When you start your day feeling calm, positive and in control of your destiny, focus and concentration will come naturally. Discover the resources below to learn even more powerful ways to improve focus and achieve your goals.

4. How to focus: Master your mind
Quick meditation for focus
a woman is sitting on a dock meditating in front of a lake .

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve self-control, productivity and focus. And you can do it anytime, anywhere with this quick 10-minute exercise.

How to control your mind
a woman is holding a pink flower in her hands .

Focus is ultimately about having full control of your mind. Learn how to develop the ability to choose what you are thinking about, feeling and doing.

Guided meditation for busy people
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Feeling stressed at work or overwhelmed with your tasks for the day? Taking a time out to refocus your mind can help you get more done in the long run.

Meditation exercises for stress
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We could all use a little less stress in our lives – but did you know that stress is a choice you make? Learn how to cultivate positive emotions with these exercises.

Meditation for business success
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Cultivating positive rituals will lead to business success as well as personal achievement. Develop your internal wisdom and forge a deep belief in your success with meditation.

Top five benefits of meditation
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The benefits of meditation are seemingly endless, including regulating mood and learning how to focus better. What are you waiting for?

How to clear your mind
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Do you feel like you are always “on?” Are you overworked and under-rested? It’s time to take a break. Pause, breathe, visualize and release – this guide will help you.

How to use goal visualization
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Starting your day without visualizing your goal is like starting your day without breakfast – you won’t be as productive as you could be. Here’s how to do it.

The power of deep listening
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Wanting to know how to focus isn’t always about work or chores. The ability to focus on another person and deeply listen can also improve your relationships.

Letting go of the past
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Focusing on the past prevents us from living in the moment – and building a positive future. Shift your focus away from the past with these 8 strategies.

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